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64 Results
Promises —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

A young girl experiences a range of emotions when her mother undergoes treatment for cancer.

A child is born : the Christmas story —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

An illustrated retelling of the birth of Jesus.

The battle for the castle —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

Twelve-year-old William uses the magic token to return, through the toy castle in his attic, to the medieval land of Sir Simon, which is now menaced by a skeleton ship bearing a plague of ravenous rats.

Bear and Roly-Poly —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

Bear is happily surprised to learn that Roly-Poly, his baby sister, likes to have him give her attention and even sing her to sleep.

Maggie and the monster —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

Maggie wants to get rid of the monster that visits her room every night and accepts her mother's suggestion to simply ask the monster what it wants.

Lucy and Henry are twins —Winthrop, Elizabeth, author.

Lucy and her twin brother Henry take a trip to the park, where they each do their own thing, together.

Sloppy kisses —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

After her friend tells her kissing is for babies, Emmy Lou tries to make do with a pat on the shoulder.

Bear's Christmas surprise —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

While playing hide-and-seek with his babysitter, Mrs. Duck, Bear peeks at his Christmas presents and feels terribly guilty afterwards.

Grover sleeps over —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

Grover is apprehensive about spending his first night away from home, at Betty Lou's house, but his fears dissolve under the gracious hospitality of Betty Lou and her mother.

The castle in the attic —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

William receives a model castle and toy knight, and is magically transported to another land and another time.

Sledding —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

Two young sledders bundle into their winter clothes and go down a snowy hill in a wild, whirling ride.

Counting on Grace —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

It's 1910 in Pownal, Vermont. At 12 Grace and her best friend Arthur must go to work in the mill, helping their mothers work the looms. Together Grace and Arthur write a secret letter to the Child Labor Board about under...

Bear and Mrs. Duck —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

Once he overcomes his initial fear, Bear has fun playing with his new baby sitter, Mrs. Duck.

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