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76 Results
Did you mean? Yakuza Zero
Guy time —Weeks, Sarah.

A humorous account of thirteen-year-old Guy's dealing with the separation, and possible divorce, of his eccentric parents and with his own new-found interest in girls.

Beware of Mad Dog! —Weeks, Sarah.

Nat Boyd and Boyd Fink are best friends who try to reverse Nat's streak of bad luck and avoid the class bully.

Get well soon or else! —Weeks, Sarah.

Nat Boyd and his best friend Boyd Fink are all set to spend a week at Camp Willomet until Fink comes down with tonsillitis and Nat has to go to camp alone.

My Guy —Weeks, Sarah.

When Guy's mother announces that she is going to marry the father of his despised enemy Lana, Guy realizes that he must join forces with Lana to stop the event.

As simple as it seems —Weeks, Sarah.
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Eleven-year-old Verbena Polter gets through a difficult summer of turbulent emotions and the revelation of a disturbing family secret with an odd new friend who believes she is the ghost of a girl who drowned many years ...

Oggie Cooder, party animal! —Weeks, Sarah.

Neither a long list of rules, nor the inability to find the perfect gift--Cheddar Jam--nor being locked in a bathroom with a juggling bear will keep quirky fourth-grader Oggie Cooder from attending neighbor Donnica Perfe...


A feel good documentary film following a young couple, Hunter and Sarah, as they travel the world learning life lessons from the world's oldest people. The film was shot on location in Montana, Minnesota, Texas, Georgia,...

Danger! Boys dancing! —Weeks, Sarah.

For Nat Boyd and his best friend Boyd Fink there's no escaping a class assignment to dance before the whole school.

Fink's funk —Weeks, Sarah.

A game to see who can come up with the most impressive fact causes Fink to become obsessively competitive and jeopardizes his friendship with Nat.

Guy wire —Weeks, Sarah.

When his best friend is seriously injured in a bike accident, Guy recounts their first meeting and how the friendship grew despite the weird antics of Guy's eccentric mother.

Save me a seat —Weeks, Sarah, author.
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Joe and Ravi don't think they have anything in common, but soon enough they have a common enemy, the biggest bully in their class, and a common mission, to take control of their lives over the course of a single crazy we...

Honey —Weeks, Sarah.
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Melody has lived in Royal, Indiana, for as long as she can remember. It's been just her and her father, and she's been okay with that. But then she overhears him calling someone Honey, and suddenly it feels like everyone...

Pie —Weeks, Sarah.
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When Alice's aunt Polly, The Pie Queen of Ipswitch, dies, she leaves her secret pie crust recipe to her fat, disagreeable cat, Lardo. With the whole community going pie crazy and in an uproar over leaving a recipe to a c...

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