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Cheetah can't lose —Shea, Bob.

An overly confident cheetah challenges a pack of clever kittens to a race.

The happiest book ever! —Shea, Bob, author, illustrator.

"This book wants to be the happiest book ever, and it has lined up all its friends--including you--to help! But wait--what's up with that frowny frog?"-- Provided by publisher.

Gilbert Goldfish wants a pet —DiPucchio, Kelly

Gilbert has everything a goldfish could want except a pet of his own, but none of the animals who come near his fishbowl seem quite right until Fluffy, with his long tail and whiskers, appears.

Kid sheriff and the terrible Toads —Shea, Bob.

The Toad brothers are wreaking havoc in Drywater Gulch when a boy with no experience but immense knowledge of dinosaurs rides into town on his tortoise and declares himself the new sheriff.

Boo! haiku —Caswell, Deanna, author.

"A witch, a bat, a skeleton, a jack-o'-lantern, a ghost, a black cat, a spider, an owl, and a scarecrow are all hiding in the pages of this clever Halloween-themed book. Deanna Caswell's playful haiku cleverly hint at th...

Dinosaur vs. bedtime —Shea, Bob.

Nothing can stop the little dinosaur. Not talking grown-ups, a bowl of spaghetti, or bath time-- But what happens when he has to face the biggest challenge of all?

Long shot
Availability: 8 of 9

Unemployed journalist Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) gets a new gig when he's hired as a speechwriter for Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron), U.S. Secretary of State, presidential candidate ... and Fred's onetime babysitter an...

Wedgieman to the rescue —Harper, Charise Mericle.

Superhero Veggieman, better known as Wedgieman, faces off against Bad Dude, an inventor whose Make-Things-Disappear Machine causes trouble on the playground.

Oh, Daddy! —Shea, Bob.

A young hippopotamus shows his father the right way to do things, such as getting dressed, watering the flowers, and especially giving big hugs.

Race you to bed —Shea, Bob.

Follows, in rhymed text and illustrations, a young rabbit's adventures on the way to bed.

Dinosaur vs. Mommy —Shea, Bob.

Dinosaur is spending the day with Mommy. ROAR! He helps her wake up, go shopping, sort laundry, and more--his way, that is. By bedtime, it looks like Mommy is down for the count. Is one little red dinosaur just too much ...

Dinosaur vs. the potty —Shea, Bob.

"Dinosaur doesn't need to use the potty. Even when he's making lemonade, running through the sprinkler, and splashing in puddles. See? He's doing his victory dance. Wait, is that a victory dance, or something else?"--Pub...

24 : life stories and lessons from the Say Hey Kid —Mays, Willie, 1931- author.

"The legendary Willie Mays shares the inspirations and influences responsible for guiding him on and off the field in this reflective and inspirational memoir. "It's because of giants like Willie that someone like me cou...

New socks —Shea, Bob.

A chicken is filled with excitement and self-confidence when he dons a new pair of orange socks.

Big plans —Shea, Bob.

A little boy sits in the corner of his classroom dreaming about his big plans for his future.

Me want pet! —Sauer, Tammi.

When Cave Boy wants a pet, he tries a woolly mammoth, a saber-toothed tiger, and a dodo bird, but none seems suitable.

Chez Bob —Shea, Bob, author, illustrator.

"A lazy alligator comes up with a plan to lure his prey by opening up a restaurant for birds--until he realizes that birds are even better as friends." -- Provided by publisher.

Dinosaur vs. Santa —Shea, Bob.

"Little Dinosaur gets ready for Christmas"--Provided by publisher.

Unicorn thinks he's pretty great —Shea, Bob.

Envy turns to admiration and finally to friendship for Goat and Unicorn.

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