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174 Results
In the dark of the night : a novel —Saul, John.

A rented lakeside house promises the Brewster family an idyllic summer holiday but, as the the teenage son and his friends soon discover, a hidden room filled with a previous resident's murderous paraphernalia wields a p...

House of reckoning : a novel —Saul, John.

Outcast by an injury sustained from her father, foster child Sara Crane befriends a former mental patient and her art teacher and soon creates paintings of long-ago violent crimes committed by the inmates of a local asyl...

Second child —Saul, John.

Melissa, a shy, troubled thirteen-year-old, comes to know the blood-drenched secret that waits behind a locked attic door.

In the dark of the night a novel —Saul, John.
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The Brewster family's idyllic summer vacation at Phantom Lake turns to horror when their teenage son and his friends stumble upon a mysterious secret room in their rental home, a room that has a strange influence over th...

The lord of the rings original animated classic
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A tale of the enchanted land of Middle-Earth - where a brave band of Hobbits, heroes and wizards set out to protect it. When a dangerous and powerful gold ring falls into his hands, a courageous Hobbit named Frodo, he em...

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