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Record-breaking animals —Richards, Jon, 1970-

This title presents the most fascinating and astounding record-breakers in the animal kingdom - from the fastest and strongest to marathon migrators and deep-sea divers. Illustrated in the form of infographics, this book...

Units & measurements —Richards, Jon, 1970-

Instructions for performing a variety of experiments about measuring using ordinary household objects.

Our planet —Richards, Jon, 1970- author.

Earth science is made up of so many topics: weather, landforms, and even natural disasters. It can take a lot of time to learn about the details of each. Infographics are the perfect way to cover a lot of these subject a...

Record-breaking building feats —Richards, Jon, 1970- author.

"This series combines the fun of infographics with the appeal of top ten lists."-- Provided by publisher.

The young people's atlas of the world —Richards, Jon, 1970-
Cartographic Material
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Uses maps, including a large fold-out world map, to present information on the formation of the solar system, the physical features of Earth, weather systems, climate, and more.

Today's technology —Richards, Jon, 1970- author.

By the time someone turns 21, they'll likely have spent about 200 days of their life playing video games, and even more using a mobile phone. Readers know that technology is a huge part of our lives, but they might not k...

Buildings, bridges and tunnels —Richards, Jon, 1970- author.

BUILDINGS & CONSTRUCTION (CHILDREN'S / TEENAGE). Have you ever wondered what made human beings want to reach for the skies by building higher and higher? And how they did it? Learn all about the the history of constructi...

Clothes —Richards, Jon, 1970-

Describes how fashions have changed and how clothing is made.

Racing cars —Richards, Jon, 1970-

Describes the cars used in Formula One, stock car, and drag racing and briefly discusses the development of racing cars.

Our universe —Richards, Jon, 1970- author.

This book presents unique information about the solar system, stars, and sun in a visual manner that can help both engage readers and reinforce their knowledge"--Provided by publisher.

In the home —Richards, Jon, 1970-

Describes how household technology has changed over the years.

Chemicals & reactions —Richards, Jon, 1970-

Describes experiments that demonstrate such chemical reactions as freezing, dissolving, and filtering and explains why they happen.

Sound & music —Richards, Jon, 1970-

Uses simple experiments to describe the properties of sound and demonstrate how sounds are formed and how they travel, why animals can hear sounds that humans cannot, listening in stereo, and more.

Plants —Richards, Jon, 1970- author.

It is estimated that there are over 400 thousand different kinds of plants on earth. People use plants in all sorts of different ways: for decoration, food, medicine, and even as a source of the oxygen we breathe. This b...

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