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40 Results
Ralph's frozen tale —Primavera, Elise.

Ralph, a fearless explorer on his way to the North Pole, meets a friendly polar bear who helps him in his journey.

Ms. Rapscott's girls —Primavera, Elise.

"At Great Rapscott School for Girls of Busy Parents, Ms. Rapscott teaches her students How to Get Lost on Purpose, resulting in a series of fantastical adventures that makes each learn a little something about courage, s...

Christina Katerina and the time she quit the family —Gauch, Patricia Lee.

When Christina quits her family so she can do whatever she pleases, ignoring her brother and her parents, she finds total self-reliance can sometimes be lonely.

Surprise in the mountains —Carlson, Natalie Savage.

Old Quill, a prospector, finds a special present under his tree on Christmas morning.

Libby of High Hopes : Project Blue Ribbon —Primavera, Elise.

"There is only one way for Libby to live up to her potential and achieve her dream of being the best rider in the world. Find a way to win a Blue Ribbon with Saddleshoes, the most difficult pony at High Hopes Farm"-- Pro...

Auntie Claus and the key to Christmas —Primavera, Elise.

When Chris expresses doubts about the existence of Santa Claus, his older sister Sophie reveals that their great aunt is really Santa's sister and helper. Chris is then sent on a magical journey and discovers that anyth...

Fred & Anthony meet the demented super-degerm-o zombie —Primavera, Elise.

Fred and Anthony return to the netherworld where they encounter zobies and goblins.

Grandma's house —Moore, Elaine.

A little girl spends the summer at her grandmother's house in the country, a time which they both thoroughly enjoy.

Double dog dare —Gilson, Jamie.

The fifth grade year gets off to a busy start as one student returns from winning a national Miss Pre-Teen Personality contest, a new girl with some interesting knowledge arrives, jealousy gets a grip on one particular s...

Auntie Claus —Primavera, Elise.

When her eccentric Auntie Claus leaves for her annual business trip, Sophie stows away in her luggage, travels with her to the North Pole, and discovers that her aunt is really Santa's sister and helper.

Fred & Anthony meet the Heinie Goblins from the Black Lagoon —Primavera, Elise.

Fred and Anthony are shipped off to Camp Plenty Wampum where, after unexpectedly stumbling upon a portal to the Netherworld, they encounter a friendly Heinie Goblin, whom they bring back to camp.

Marigold Star —Primavera, Elise, author, illustrator.

Marigold Star is destined for greatness. Everyone in Bramblycrumbly thinks so, her parents and pet dragon included. There's just one problem. Marigold can't do magic! Then one day she tries a new spell written in a very ...

Hobie Hanson, you're weird —Gilson, Jamie.

With his best friend away at computer camp, Hobie reluctanly shares adventures with a girl classmate the summer after fourth grade.

The secret order of the Gumm Street girls —Primavera, Elise.

In order to save the town of Sherbet, four girls with very little in common become involved with some people and events that seem to bear a resemblance to The Wizard of Oz.

Marigold Star —Primavera, Elise author, illustrator.

"From New York Times bestselling author-illustrator Elise Primavera comes an imaginative young middle grade fantasy adventure bubbling with wit and whimsy. Marigold Star is destined for greatness. Everyone in Bramblycrum...

Plantpet —Primavera, Elise.

In his junkyard, Bertie discovers a life form fond of gardening, but he nearly loses his new pet by not understanding its needs.

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