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Dragons at Crumbling Castle and other stories —Pratchett, Terry, author.

Full of crooks, knights and dragons this is a book for children to treasure and we can't wait to read them all!

The Compleat Ankh-Morpork : City Guide —Pratchett, Terry.

A brand-new street directory of Discworld city Ankh-Morpork, complete with a beautifully illustrated pull-out map. The comprehensive street directory covers each and every district from Unseen University to the Shades to...

The truth —Pratchett, Terry, author.

William de Worde is the accidental editor of the Discworld's first newspaper. New printing technology means that words just won't obediently stay nailed down like usual. There's a very real threat of news getting out the...

The long utopia —Pratchett, Terry, author.

2045-2059. After the cataclysmic upheavals of Step Day and the Yellowstone eruption humanity is spreading further into the Long Earth, and society, on a battered Datum Earth and beyond, continues to evolve. Now an elderl...

The time-travelling caveman —Pratchett, Terry, author.

Imagination is an amazing thing. It can take you to the top of the highest mountain, or down to the bottom of the deepest depths of the sea. This is where it took Doggins on his Awfully Big Adventure: a quest full of mag...

The shepherd's crown a Tiffany Aching adventure —Pratchett, Terry.
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Deep in the Chalk, something is stirring. The owls and the foxes can sense it, and Tiffany Aching feels it in her boots. An old enemy is gathering strength. As the fairy horde prepares for invasion, Tiffany must summon a...

Raising steam —Pratchett, Terry, author.

Change is afoot in Ankh-Morpork - Discworld's first steam engine has arrived, and once again Moist von Lipwig finds himself with a new and challenging job.

Mrs Bradshaw's handbook : an illustrated guide to the railway —Pratchett, Terry, author.

Offers a guide to the destinations and diversions of the railway deserves a place in the luggage of any traveller, or indeed armchair traveller, upon the Disc.

Only you can save mankind : a Johnny Maxwell story —Pratchett, Terry.

As the mighty alien fleet from the latest computer game thunders across the screen, Johnny prepares to blow them into the usual million pieces. And they send him a message: We surrender. They're not supposed to do that! ...

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