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63 Results
Nightmare Academy —Peretti, Frank E.

Elijah and his sister Elisha go undercover to investigate a mysterious school that is sheltering runaway teenagers for a sinister purpose.

House —Peretti, Frank E.
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Presents the story of a haunted house where visitors enter at their own peril and a killer stalks the premises.

The legend of Annie Murphy —Peretti, Frank E.

The Coopers become involved in a murder mystery that finds them caught between the present and the past, following clues that are carved in the stone cliffs around a ghost town.

Hangman's curse —Peretti, Frank E.

When several students at Baker High School are stricken by an alleged curse of the school's ghost, Elijah and Elisha Springfield and their parents, undercover investigators, are sent to uncover the truth behind the event...

The deadly curse of Toco-Rey —Peretti, Frank E.

While on a quest to save a piece of history, Jay, Lila, and their father encounter hostile natives and ancient evil forces in the jungles of Central America.

Wild & wacky totally true Bible stories : all about helping others —Peretti, Frank E.

Humorous retellings of three Bible stories about helping others, each with an introduction and follow-up by "Mr. Henry," who relates the experiences of Biblical characters to modern life.

All is well : the miracle of Christmas in July —Peretti, Frank E.

Hoping to earn money so that he and his mother will not have to move, Daniel goes around the neighborhood trying to sell a box of Christmas ornaments, including one with a special message.

Wild and wacky totally true bible stories all about Christmas. —Peretti, Frank E.
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A humorous retelling of four Bible stories focusing on the Nativity, plus two versions of "Joy to the world".

Hermie & Friends. Flo, the lyin' fly

The Water Beetles are coming to perform and everybody's excited, except for Flo. She's made some promise that she won't be able to keep. Join Hermie, Wormie and all their garden friends as they teach Flo the value of tel...

The secret of the Desert Stone : The deadly curse of Toco-Rey —Peretti, Frank E.

Secret of the Desert Stone: Fourteen-year-old Jay and his younger sister Lila accompany their father to the tiny African nation of Togwana where they experience a supernatural phenomenon through a mysterious stone.

Monster —Peretti, Frank E.
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Miles away from the hectic city, Reed and Rebecca hike into the beautiful Northwestern woods. They're surrounded by gorgeous mountains, waterfalls, and hundreds of acres of unspoiled wilderness. ut something--or someone-...

This present darkness —Peretti, Frank E.
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When a strange force of evil in the form of a shapeless shadow begins taking over the small town of Ashton, Marshall Hogan, editor of the local paper, is unknowingly helped by angels as he searches for a way to save his ...

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