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86 Results
Winnie shapes up —Owen, Laura.

In four new stories, illustrated by Korky Paul, everyone's favourite witch nods off in a sponsored silence, sends her broomstick the wrong way and ends up in outer space, demonstrates her skills in a pancake tossing comp...

Winnie's haunted house —Thomas, Valérie, author.

Winnie the witch just can't explain a smashed vase, collapsing curtain or a shattered chandelier. Is her house haunted? And is there a spell to fix it?

Winnie at the seaside —Thomas, Valerie.

Winnie and her cat Wilbur head to the beach to escape the heat, but while Winnie plays in the water, Wilbur just tries to stay dry.

Winnie under the sea —Thomas, Valerie.

Winnie loves diving beneath the ocean waves but Wilbur isn't so sure. So Winnie changes herself and her big black cat into creatures of the deep. But when her magic wand sinks out of sight, how will Winnie rescue it and ...

Pirate poems and monster poems —Foster, John, 1941 October 12-

An illustrated collection of poems for children featuring pirates and monsters.

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