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Amelia Bedelia, cub reporter —Parish, Herman.

Amelia Bedelia helps with the school newspaper -- to rave reviews.

Amelia Bedelia joins the club —Parish, Herman, author.

"Amelia Bedelia loves her school. Her whole class gets along--except when it rains. Then they split into two groups--the Puddle Jumpers and the Puddle Stompers. Both clubs ask Amelia Bedelia to join, but she doesn't want...

Amelia Bedelia wraps it up —Parish, Herman, author.

It's the holiday season, and Amelia Bedelia doesn't have enough money to buy presents for anyone. But that won't stop Amelia Bedelia! Along with her friends, she decides to launch a gift-wrapping business in order to mak...

Bravo, Amelia Bedelia! —Parish, Herman.

From the time she is sent to pick up the guest conductor, Amelia Bedelia's normal confusion causes quite an uproar at the school concert.

Amelia Bedelia, rocket scientist? —Parish, Herman.

Housekeeper Amelia Bedelia wreaks havoc when she volunteers to help out at the school science fair.

Amelia Bedelia bakes off —Parish, Herman.

Amelia Bedelia inadvertently enters a baking contest and goes from being a smart cookie to a fortune cookie.

Amelia Bedelia's masterpiece —Parish, Herman.

Housekeeper Amelia Bedelia visits an art museum, where her confusion leads to surprising results.

Go west, Amelia Bedelia! —Parish, Herman.

Amelia Bedelia, the literal-minded housekeeper, takes a vacation at her Uncle Buck's dude ranch.

Amelia Bedelia 4 mayor —Parish, Herman.

A series of misunderstandings leads the literal-minded Amelia Bedelia to run for mayor.

Amelia Bedelia, rocket scientist? —Parish, Herman, author.

Housekeeper Amelia Bedelia wreaks havoc when she volunteers to help out at the school science fair.

Amelia Bedelia dances off —Parish, Herman.

When Amelia Bedelia's aunt gives her dance lessons as an early birthday present, she agrees to give it a try and soon finds herself making new friends and discovering that there is something to like about many different ...

Amelia Bedelia talks turkey —Parish, Herman.

When Amelia Bedelia volunteers to fill in as director of a third-grade Thanksgiving play, she misunderstands everything from one girl's desire to play a big role to an opening night wish that she "break a leg," but all i...

Happy haunting, Amelia Bedelia —Parish, Herman.

Amelia Bedelia tries to help Mr. and Mrs. Rogers with their Halloween party.

Amelia Bedelia takes the cake —Parish, Herman.
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Amelia Bedelia's class is hosting a bake sale to raise money for the school library. She bakes delicious brownies to sell, but so does everybody else! Fortunately, Amelia Bedelia squints hard and sees the surprise in the...

Amelia Bedelia tries her luck —Parish, Herman, author.
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"Amelia Bedelia turns bad luck into good luck"-- Provided by publisher.

Amelia Bedelia chalks one up —Parish, Herman, author.
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Amelia Bedelia suggests that her Mom, who is feeling blue, go on a play date while Amelia Bedelia is doing the same, and then enlists her friends to help make chalk drawings on the house, sidewalk, and more to brighten M...

Good driving, Amelia Bedelia —Parish, Herman.

Amelia Bedelia's literalness causes some problems when Mr. Rogers takes her out to practice her driving.

Amelia Bedelia goes back to school —Parish, Herman.

Amelia Bedelia frequently gets mixed-up when she visits Maria and Alex's school for a day.

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