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Did you mean? Broch, Hermann
Amelia Bedelia unleashed —Parish, Herman.

Amelia Bedelia's request for a sibling takes her parents by surprise, but she is soon distracted by the possibility of finding the perfect puppy, instead.

Amelia Bedelia goes wild! —Parish, Herman.

"Amelia Bedelia is sick the day her class goes to visit the zoo. She doesn't want to be left out, so she comes up with a brilliant idea--she'll create a zoo in her backyard, using all her classmates' pets. But she doesn'...

Amelia Bedelia means business —Parish, Herman.

"Young Amelia Bedelia will do almost anything for a shiny new bicycle. Her parents say they'll split the cost with her, and that means Amelia Bedelia needs to put the pedal to the metal and earn some dough! With Amelia B...

Amelia Bedelia tries her luck —Parish, Herman, author.

"Amelia Bedelia turns bad luck into good luck"-- Provided by publisher.

Amelia Bedelia and the cat —Parish, Herman.

Amelia Bedelia finds a stray kitten and tries, in her literal-minded way, to take good care of it.

Amelia Bedelia road trip! —Parish, Herman.

Fun and fiascoes ensue when young Amelia Bedelia and her parents take a road trip through their state.

Amelia Bedelia chalks one up —Parish, Herman, author.

Amelia Bedelia suggests that her Mom, who is feeling blue, go on a play date while Amelia Bedelia is doing the same, and then enlists her friends to help make chalk drawings on the house, sidewalk, and more to brighten M...

Amelia Bedelia sleeps over —Parish, Herman, author.

Amelia Bedelia has a wonderful time at her first slumber party.

Amelia Bedelia under construction —Parish, Herman.

When Amelia Bedelia babysits for the Hardy family, she becomes involved in some unexpected remodeling of their house.

Amelia Bedelia cleans up —Parish, Herman.

"Amelia Bedelia and her friends clean up a vacant lot and build a clubhouse--with surprising results! Includes a guide to idioms used in the book and features black-and-white art throughout"-- Provided by publisher.

Amelia Bedelia shapes up —Parish, Herman.

In the fifth book in the New York Times{u2012}best-selling chapter book series about the childhood of America's favorite housekeeper, Amelia Bedelia takes to the field, the yoga mat, and the track, with hilarious results...

Amelia Bedelia sets sail —Parish, Herman.

"Amelia Bedelia and her mother share a summer vacation home at the shore with her aunt Mary and her cousin Jason, who has a wicked sense of adventure and a nose for trouble"-- Provided by publisher.

Amelia Bedelia makes a friend —Parish, Herman, author.

When her best friend moves out of the house next door, Amelia Bedelia wonders who the new neighbors will be.

Amelia Bedelia's first field trip —Parish, Herman.

Amelia Bedelia goes with her class to visit a farm, where her literal-mindedness causes confusion along with some laughs.

Amelia bedelia makes a splash —Parish, Herman.

Sent to an old-fashioned, all-girls sleepaway summer camp, Amelia Bedelia looks for ways that her camp can cooperate with a high-tech computer camp across the lake, where her cousin is spending his own summer break.

Amelia Bedelia's first Valentine —Parish, Herman, author.

Literal-minded even as a child, Amelia Bedelia muddles through Valentine's Day with her heart on her sleeve, trying to make sense of strange greetings at school and home, and ever on the look-out for the arrows of Cupid....

Amelia Bedelia, cub reporter —Parish, Herman.

Amelia Bedelia helps with the school newspaper -- to rave reviews.

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