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86 Results
Quite honestly —Mortimer, John, 1923-2009.

The unexpected adventures of Lucy Purefoy, a middle-class do-gooder who ends up switching lives with a former burglar she is supposedly mentoring.

Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow murders —Mortimer, John, 1923-2009.

Horace Rumpole often speaks of the great murder trial which revealed his talents as an advocate and made his reputation down at the Bailey when he was still a young man. Here for the first time, the sensational story of ...

Rumpole à la carte —Mortimer, John, 1923-2009.

Six new tales featuring everyone's favorite barrister, Horace Rumpole--disheveled, polemical, and immensely fond of cigars, Wordsworth, and Château Thames Embankment. He once again takes centre stage in these delightful...

Quite honestly —Mortimer, John, 1923-2009.
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Lucinda Purefoy hooks up with an organization that recruits women to become mentors to ex-convicts. Soon she finds herself greeting Terry Keenan, a career burglar.

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