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97 Results
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Peter Rabbit's happy Easter —Maccarone, Grace.

Inventing a new tradition, Peter Rabbit becomes the Easter Bunny.

Monster math school time —Maccarone, Grace.

From the time they get up at seven in the morning until they go to bed at eight o'clock at night, monsters spend a busy day, especially at school. Includes related activities.

Martin and the tooth fairy —Chardiet, Bernice.

When Martin receives more money from the Tooth Fairy than his friends at school, he offers to put their teeth under his pillow for a percentage of the profits.

The three bears ABC : an alphabet book —Maccarone, Grace.

A retelling of the classic tale highlights the letters from A to Z.

The classroom pet —Maccarone, Grace.

Sam is in charge of taking care of the classroom hermit crab over Christmas vacation, but when he turns his back, the crab disappears.

Oink! moo! how do you do? : a book of animal sounds —Maccarone, Grace.

A group of familiar animals comes together to eat the newly harvested apples and corn until the farmer shoos them away.

Monster math picnic —Maccarone, Grace.

The number of monsters engaged in various activities at a picnic always adds up to ten. Includes related activities.

Little brother : pumpkin head —Panzieri, Lucia.

"A soon-to-be big brother has worries about his forthcoming sibling"-- Provided by publisher.

Un partido de fútbol —Maccarone, Grace.

Brief rhyming text follows a group of children through some exciting plays during a soccer game.

I have a cold —Maccarone, Grace.

A sick child describes how it feels to have a bad cold.

Miss Lina's ballerinas and the wicked wish —Maccarone, Grace.

Having learned to dance as a group and with a boy, the ballerinas at Miss Lina's school face their biggest challenge yet in a production of Sleeping Beauty, which is complicated by Regina's disappointment about her role....

The lunch box surprise —Maccarone, Grace.

When Sam's mother forgets to pack his lunch, his friends in the first grade come to his rescue.

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