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97 Results
Did you mean? Macaroni Grace
Soccer game! —Maccarone, Grace.

Brief rhyming text follows a group of children through some exciting plays during a soccer game.

Graduation Day is here! —Maccarone, Grace.

Dad arrives just in time for Sam's first grade graduation.

I see a leaf —Maccarone, Grace.

Kate and her fellow classmates collect colourful leaves for their teacher. Includes activities to practice writing skills.

Pizza party —Maccarone, Grace.

A group of children have fun making a pizza.

"What is that?" said the cat. —Maccarone, Grace.

An assortment of animals tries different ways to get a big box open, only to be VERY surprised by what is inside.

Miss Lina's ballerinas and the prince —Maccarone, Grace.

In this sequel to "Miss Lina's ballerinas," the girls in the dance class have to go to the zoo to retrieve a somewhat reluctant boy who will dance in the show with them.

8 petites ballerines —Maccarone, Grace, author.

L'école de danse de Madame Adeline compte huit petites filles qui s'exercent partout deux par deux. Mais un jour arrrive Célestine, une nouvelle écolière, et l'équilibre est rompu : elles sont neuf ... Madame Adelin...

Recess mess —Maccarone, Grace.

First-grade boys and girls go out to play at recess.

Dinosaurs —Maccarone, Grace.

Simple text and illustrations present different kinds of dinosaurs.

Peter Rabbit's happy Easter —Maccarone, Grace.

Inventing a new tradition, Peter Rabbit becomes the Easter Bunny.

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