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78 Results
Pigs in the house —Kroll, Steven.

When three cute pigs get into the farmhouse, total chaos results.

The candy witch —Kroll, Steven.

Because her good deeds are not noticed, a small witch steals every trick-or-treat bag in town on Halloween.

Dirty feet —Kroll, Steven.

Penelope removes her too-tight sneakers on the way to school, thereby setting the stage for a series of disastrous encounters between her feet and a variety of messy substances.

Queen of the May —Kroll, Steven.

Because of Sylvie's goodness, her wicked stepmother and stepsister are vanquished and she becomes Queen of the May.

Mrs. Claus's crazy Christmas —Kroll, Steven.

Mrs. Claus has an adventure on Christmas Eve when she delivers a puppy Santa left behind.

I love spring! —Kroll, Steven.

A young boy describes all the things that he loves about spring.

Woof, Woof! —Kroll, Steven.

Amelia adopts a stray bull terrier who barks a lot but earns her family's gratitude by solving a mystery.

Pony Express! —Kroll, Steven.

Discusses the eighteen month history, officially beginning April 3, 1860, of the mail delivery between Saint Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California, known as the Pony Express.

Pigs in the house —Kroll, Steven.

When three "cute" pigs get into the farmhouse, total chaos results.

The magic rocket —Kroll, Steven.

Felix's dog, Atom, is abducted by a flying saucer and Felix must rescue him by following in a magic rocket.

Amanda and the giggling ghost —Kroll, Steven.

Amanda chases a light-fingered ghost through the town at night followed by neighbors who think Amanda is the thief.

The hokey-pokey man —Kroll, Steven.

Hearing about the invention of the ice cream cone at the 1904 World's Fair, an ice cream peddler hopes to be the first to introduce the idea in New York City.

Annabelle's un-birthday —Kroll, Steven.

On the first day of school Annabelle tells her new second-grade classmates that it is her birthday and takes them to her grandmother's for an unexpected party, but she knows she must face the consequences of her fib.

Don't get me in trouble! —Kroll, Steven.

Whenever Mickey thinks up fun things to do, it is his friend Jake who gets into trouble, until Mickey finds out that this situation might change.

Andrew wants a dog —Kroll, Steven.

When his father refuses to let him have a dog, seven-year-old Andrew decides to become one, with the help of a very realistic dog costume from a magic shop.

Friday the 13th —Kroll, Steven.

Unlucky Harold, for whom every day is Friday the 13th, finally has a change of fortune.

Pooch on the loose : a Christmas adventure —Kroll, Steven.

Bart, an adventurous dog, escapes from his master one day and takes a whirlwind tour of New York City to enjoy all the Christmas sights.

Big Jeremy —Kroll, Steven.

When his clumsiness causes problems for his small neighbors, Jeremy, a friendly giant, decides to run away.

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