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78 Results
Le plus gros valentin —Kroll, Steven.

When Desmond and Clayton, two mice, finally learn to cooperate, they create a wonderful valentine for their teacher.

Happy Father's Day —Kroll, Steven.

Each of the children and Mom have a special surprise for Dad on his special day.

The biggest snowman ever —Kroll, Steven.

When the mayor of Mouseville announces a contest, Clayton and Desmond compete to win the prize for building the biggest snowman.

The hand-me-down doll —Kroll, Steven.

A lonely doll without a name endures a series of terrible misfortunes before she finally finds someone to love her.

Barbarians! —Kroll, Steven.

"Kroll introduces four notable groups referred to by their enemies as barbarians: the Goths, the Huns, the Vikings, and the Mongols. In each case, he looks at the lives of common people within the group, their religious ...

The big bunny and the Easter eggs —Kroll, Steven.

Poor Wilbur, the Easter Bunny, gets so sick that he almost misses his Easter deliveries.

Will you be my valentine? —Kroll, Steven.

Thomas is delighted to draw Gretchen's name to be the recipient of his valentine at school, but then he worries that she does not like him.

Happy Mother's Day —Kroll, Steven.

One day when Mom returns home she is greeted by surprise after surprise from each of her six children and her husband.

It's groundhog day! —Kroll, Steven.

Worried that an early spring will ruin his ski lodge business, Roland Raccoon takes drastic steps to prevent Godfrey Groundhog from looking for his shawdow on Groundhog Day.

Mary McClean and the St. Patrick's Day parade —Kroll, Steven, author

In order to march with Mr. Finnigan in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, Mary must find a perfect shamrock in Manhattan in the middle of winter.

The biggest Christmas tree ever —Kroll, Steven, author.

Clayton and Desmond learn that by working together, they can find the biggest Christmas tree ever.

The big bunny and the magic show —Kroll, Steven.

Tired of being the Easter Bunny, Wilbur decides to get a new job as assistant to Morgan the Magician.

Loose tooth —Kroll, Steven.

Jealous when his brother's loose tooth gets him all the attention, Flapper decides to steal the tooth before the tooth fairy can come.

Santa's crash-bang Christmas —Kroll, Steven.

A succession of annoyances causes Santa to wish he were at home rather than on his Christmas Eve journey.

The pigrates clean up —Kroll, Steven.

Pig pirates work hard to get their ship and themselves clean for their captain's wedding.

Oh, what a Thanksgiving ! —Kroll, Steven.

David, a boy who thinks modern Thanksgivings are boring, imagines being at Plymouth Colony and celebrating the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims.

A tale of two dogs —Kroll, Steven.

Two families end up exchanging with each other the dogs they take home from the shelter, but then wonder if they have made the right decision.

The Hanukkah mice —Kroll, Steven.

A family of mice enjoys the doll house and furnishings that Rachel receives as gifts on the eight nights of Hanukkah.

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