68 Results
68 Results
The teacher from outer space —Korman, Justine.

A student makes an astonishing discovery about the true nature of his substitute teacher, who does not seem familiar with the school routine and has his own way of doing things.

Babe : pig in the city —Korman, Justine.

On a mission to the big City to save his farm, Babe the pig gets separated from his Human, the Boss's Wife, and finds himself among unscrupulous thieves and homeless animals.

Pooh, a Christmas wish —Korman, Justine.

When Pooh tries to think of the perfect Christmas wish to wish upon a star, he finally decides that snow is the only thing that could make the holiday better.

Walt Disney's 101 dalmatians

Two Dalmatians undertake a daring expedition to rescue their fifteen puppies from the clutches of the vicious Cruella de Vil, only to find ninety-nine Dalmatian puppies in the capture of that cruel villainess.

The monster in Room 202 —Korman, Justine.

When Mr. Fogg's science experiment goes awry, he turns into a giant frog.

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