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Jack Frost —Joyce, William, 1957- author, illustrator.

"Before Jack Frost was Jack Frost, he was Nightlight, the most trusted and valiant companion of Mim, the Man in the Moon. But when Pitch destroys Mim's world, he nearly destroys Nightlight too, sending him plunging to Ea...

Rise of the Guardians
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When an evil spirit known as Pitch lays down the gauntlet to take over the world, the immortal Guardians must join forces for the first time to protect the hopes, beliefs, and imagination of children all over the world.

George Shrinks. Sunken treasures

In "Sunken treasures", George and Becky discover a secret room while playing in the attic. They find a journal written by a boy named Russell who lived in the house 70 years ago. Russell's journal tells how he lost his...

Rolie Polie Olie. Hypno eyes les hypno-lunettes

Olie and Billy have finally reached their goal and eaten 100 boxes of Rolios breakfast cereal. The Hypno-Eyes prize is theirs! But they can't hypnotize each other, so they're off to find some unsuspecting subject.

A day with Wilbur Robinson —Joyce, William, 1957- author, illustrator.

While spending the day in the Robinson household, Wilbur's best friend joins in the search for Grandfather Robinson's missing false teeth and meets one wacky relative after another.

Shoes —Winthrop, Elizabeth.

A survey of the many kinds of shoes in the world concludes that the best of all are the perfect natural shoes that are your feet.

The backyard jungle

In episode one, Olie adds to much fertilizer to the plants while helping Mom in the vegetable garden. In episode two, Olie, Zowie and Spot look for Dad's missing car keys. In episode three, Telly gets under the weather a...

George shrinks. George vs. space invaders

When George and Becky have a Sci-Fi moviethon sleepover, too much pizza and candy leads to weird dreams for George. Aliens from another planet visit the Shrinks' house and it 's up to George to protect everyone. But when...

Rolie Polie Olie. Happy hearts day Le jour des coeurs heureux

Olie lives in a magic, futuristic all-robot world of blue skies and happy, helpful machines, a world where virtually everything, from baby carriages to spaceships, comes to life.

Rolie Polie Olie. Polie magic! = Rolie Polie magie!

Pappy agrees to let Zowie and Olie look after him, to give Mom and Dad a rest. But strange things happen when Pappy performs magic tricks for Olie and Zowie.

The fantastic flying books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Morris Lessmore loves words, stories and books; after a powerful storm carries him to another land, dreary and colorless, he finds a single book in color that leads him to an amazing library where, he learns, the books n...

Nicolas San Norte y la batalla contra el Rey de las Pesadillas —Joyce, William, 1957-

Nicholas St. North is a daring, rootless, and swashbuckling young swordsman who spends his days thieving and chasing adventure around the world with his friends. His path leads him to the secretive village of Santoff Cla...

Conejo de pascua y su ejercito en el centro de la tierra —Joyce, William, 1957-

In the first Guardians' adventure, Nicholas St. North, along with Ombric and Katherine, succeeded in routing Pitch and driving him undergroundquite literally. Defeated but not destroyed, however, the Nightmare King plots...

Dinosaur Bob and his adventures with the family Lazardo —Joyce, William, 1957- author, illustrator.

While vacationing in Africa, the Lazardo family finds and brings back to America a friendly dinosaur that becomes the talk of the town.A family brings a most unusual souvenir home after vacation in this classic picture b...

Rolie Polie Olie. The great baby bot chase

Family Frolic day is tomorrow and Olie and Zowie want to give their parents the best present ever: a wishing star. But when they go out in search of one, they come back with a couple of bouncing babies who were "lost" in...

Rise of the Guardians
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When an evil spirit known as Pitch lays down the gauntlet to take over the world, the immortal Guardians must join forces for the first time to protect the hopes, beliefs, and imagination of children all over the world.

Rolie Polie Olie —Joyce, William, 1957-

Rolie Polie Olie, a round robot living on a planet where everything is round, enjoys a busy day with his family and then is too wired to go to bed at night.

Nicholas Cricket —Maxner, Joyce.

Nicholas Cricket and the other members of the Bug-a-Wug Cricket Band lead all the forest creatures in a musical celebration of the night.

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