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Kill and tell —Howard, Linda, 1950-
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Shortly after her mother's death, nurse Karen Whitlaw receives a notebook from her father, a Vietnam vet who abandoned her years before. She then learns from New Orleans detective Marc Chastain that her father has been k...

Honk! —Smith, Sue, 1945-

A fire engine gets stuck in a traffic jam on the way to a fire.

After sundown a novel —Howard, Linda, 1950-
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Sela Gordon, shy owner of a Tennessee general store, prefers solitude. If anyone can chip away at her protective shell it's the handsome, mysterious, ex-military man who's been hiding for two years in the wilds of Cove M...

The woman left behind a novel —Howard, Linda, 1950- author.
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Levi Butcher, battle-hardened warrior and leader of the GO-Team, will risk his life to help the woman who has captured his heart escape from deadly enemies. Bestseller. 2018.

Drop dead gorgeous : a novel —Howard, Linda, 1950-

Blair Mallory has already survived one murder attempt. Now, while planning her wedding and dealing with holiday-season madness, Blair once again dodges a bullet. Or more precisely, a Buick. And though the drivers identit...

Trouble —Howard, Linda, 1950-

"Midnight rainbow : Was Jane Hamilton Greer just a wealthy socialite in over her head or was she really engaged in espionage that could compromise U.S. interests for years to come? The only certainty was that she was bei...

Mackenzie's mountain —Howard, Linda, 1950-
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Wolf Mackenzie lives a quiet life, away from the townsfolk who once wrongly accused him of a crime. But everything changes when he meets Mary Elizabeth Potter, his son's headstrong schoolteacher.

Midnight rainbow —Howard, Linda, 1950- author.
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Grant Sullivan, tough, masculine, and handsome, is a retired military expert entrusted with a mission in the Costa Rican jungle: to find hostage and socialite Jane Hamilton Greer. When Grant rescues her in a rather caval...

The money, honey —Howard, Linda U.

A sweepstakes winning sweeps still-aspiring artist Matthew Morganstein into the upbeat world of high finance and tax shelters, but he longs for a return to the days of pre-monetary, idyllic, bohemian bliss with his Jewis...

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