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79 Results
Freya and the magic jewel —Holub, Joan, author.

Unlike her twin brother, Frey, twelve-year-old girlgoddess Freya is not excited about their invitation to Asgard Academy, especially after she loses her magical jewel, leaving her powerless and worried about making frien...

Echo the copycat —Holub, Joan, author.

In order to fit in at Mount Olympus Academy, new girl and forest-mountain nymph Echo copies the mannerisms of all the other students, but instead of ingratiating herself to her classmates, it only seems to grate on them....

Calliope the muse —Holub, Joan, author.

Despite being the muse of epic poetry, Calliope has trouble putting her bright and fun ideas into action.

Skade and the enchanted snow —Holub, Joan, author.

Skade, the goddess of skiing, is known as one of the best athletes-- and a top student-- at Asgard Academy. But lately, she's felt like she's been in a slump. When three giants appear and offer to mend the rift between t...

Pallas the pal —Holub, Joan.

Pallas, the daughter of Triton and messenger of the sea, enrolls at Mount Olympus Academy.

Vampoodle —Holub, Joan, author.

Dogs, including Vampoodle--a poodle with fangs--enjoy Halloween fun.

Medea the enchantress —Holub, Joan, author.

When Medea and Jason find the golden fleece in an oak tree guarded by a serpent, Medea concocts a sleeping potion to help them get by the snake and retrieve what is theirs.

Sif and the dwarfs' treasures —Holub, Joan, author.

Twelve-year-old Sif, goddess of the harvest and a reluctant seer whose abilities are woven into her hair, goes on a quest with Freya and Loki after Loki cuts her hair in a prank gone wrong, causing the crops of Midgard t...

Nyx the mysterious —Holub, Joan, author.

When things start to go wrong after Nyx, goddess of the night, enrolls at Mount Olympus Academy, she has to determine who is responsible for a series of disasters while trying to change the other students' minds about ni...

Groundhog weather school : fun facts about weather and groundhogs —Holub, Joan, author.

When Groundhog realizes he needs helpers all over the country to accurately forecast the weather, he establishes a school to teach young groundhogs how to properly determine when spring will arrive.

Mighty moms —Holub, Joan, author.

"Fire truck moms, school bus moms, ambulance moms, and more guide and teach their little truck children in this companion title to the New York Times bestselling Mighty Dads! Moms work hard and love BIG, and this adorabl...

This little trailblazer : a girl power primer —Holub, Joan, author.

This board book highlights ten memorable female trailblazers.

Gretel pushes back —Holub, Joan, author.

When Gretel begins to explore the dangerous Neverwood Forest outside of Grimm Academy, she finds herself trapped by the E.V.I.L. Society and must foil their dastardly plans.

Idun and the apples of youth —Holub, Joan, author.

Twelve-year-old Idun, the goddess of youth, races to protect her grove of magical apples from the mischievous schemes of Loki.

Who was Babe Ruth? —Holub, Joan, author.

Presents the life of the legendary baseball player, from his impoverished childhood, to his famous trade to the Yankees.

L'académie Grimm. 6, Boucle d'Or est brave —Holub, Joan, author.

Boucle d'Or est arrivée récemment à l'académie Grimm et elle ne s'est pas encore fait d'amies. Quand la société M.A.L.I.C.E. l'invite à devenir membre, elle est tentée d'accepter. Mais elle n'a pas envie de faire...

Zeus and the dreadful dragon —West, Tracey, 1965- author.

The fourteen Olympians follow rumors of the Titans' escape to Olympus, but just as they reach the sea the group encounters Gaia, who offers her help in defeating Cronus. Gaia is on the side of the Olympians, partly becau...

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