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96 Results
Bravo, Grace! —Hoffman, Mary, 1945-

Grace's mother is marrying Vincent and they're moving next door--so there's a new bridesmaid's outfit and a new bedroom for Grace to think about.

Smile the story of the original Mona Lisa —Hoffman, Mary, 1945- author.
Dyslexia-friendly Book
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Renaissance Italy is a world of riches open to any man who dares to conquer it. In the life of young Lisa the doors to this world remain closed. Promised in her youth to a widower as a loving wife and mother, she is resi...

David —Hoffman, Mary, 1945-

An eighteen-year-old stonecutter who is caught in the middle of political conflict in Florence, Italy, in the early 1500s, must flee for his life in disguise because his has become the best-known face and figure in Flore...

The twelve dancing princesses = 十二個跳舞的公主 The twelve dancing princesses = Shi er ge tiao wu de gong zhu —Hoffman, Mary, 1945-

A young man finally discovers how the king's twelve daughters wear out their shoes every night while they are supposedly sleeping in their locked bedroom.

Pirate baby —Hoffman, Mary, 1945- author.

"Shiver me timbers," said the Captain. "It's a baby!" When the crew of pirate ship Ramshackle find a tiny baby adrift on the high seas, they are a bit flummoxed. Even more so, when they discover it's a baby girl. The adv...

Queen Guinevere and other stories from the court of King Arthur —Hoffman, Mary, 1945- author.

Dramatic retellings of stories from Arthurian legend, from the perspectives of Guinevere, Igrayne, Nimue, and the other women whose actions drive the legends through love, hate, enchantment, and tragedy.

Lost and found : parables Jesus told —Hoffman, Mary, 1945- author.

Water into Wine * A Netful of Fish * Weathermaster * Through the Roof * The Biggest Picnic in the World * Is it a Ghost? * Remote Control * Saying Thank You * Back from the Dead.Mary Hoffman retells nine stories of the m...

City of secrets —Hoffman, Mary, 1945-

Seventeen-year-old Matt, painfully dyslexic and insecure, discovers that he can travel between worlds after being transported to Talia, where he joins Luciano and other Stravaganti in trying to prevent the di Chimici fam...

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