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61 Results
Very short fairy tales to read together —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

This book uses traditional reading teaching techniques (alliteration, rhyme, repetition, short sentences) to invite young children to read along with an adult. Eight short fairy tales fit on one spread and feature the ch...

Miss Mary Mack : a hand-clapping rhyme —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

An expanded adaptation of the familiar hand-clapping rhyme about a young girl and an elephant. Includes music and directions for the hand-clapping actions.

A house is a house for me —Hoberman, Mary Ann.
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Lists in rhyme the dwellings of various animals and things.

Mrs. O'Leary's cow —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

An adaptation of the well-known song, "There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight," based on the true story of the Great Chicago Fire. When Mrs. O'Leary leaves her lantern in the barn, the cow kicks it over and start...

There once was a man named Michael Finnegan —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

An elaborated version of the repetitive children's song about a man who creates quite a "din-igan" playing the "violin-igan."

The llama who had no pajama : 100 favorite poems —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

An illustrated collection of poems about all sorts of subjects, including "Wishes," "Ducks," "When I Need a Real Baby," and "Growing."

You read to me, I'll read to you : very short fairy tales to read together —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

8 fairy tales are retold as very short rhyming stories with a twist at the end encouraging children to read together. Each story is told in two voices, with text in different colors for a pair of readers -- two children,...

The two sillies —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

First Sammy tells Silly Lily how to attract a cat, and then she tells him how to use the cat to get rid of mice.

The eensy-weensy spider —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

An expanded version of the familiar children's song describing what the little spider does after being washed out of the water-spout.

Mr. and Mrs. Muddle —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

Mr. and Mrs. Muddle, a horse couple, have to learn to compromise on the one thing they don't agree on.

Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers : a collection of family poems —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

Humorous poems celebrate every kind of family member, including aunts and uncles, step-brothers and sisters, cousins, and even cats!

The looking book —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

In this rhyming tale, Ned searches for his lost cat throughout the pages of the book--from one to twenty-eight.

It's simple, said Simon —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

After successfully meeting the challenges posed by a dog, cat, and horse, Simon meets a tiger that is much harder to satisfy and that he must outwit before he becomes the tiger's dinner.

And to think that we thought that we'd never be friends —Hoberman, Mary Ann.

A brother and sister learn that friendship is better than fighting and they soon spread their message all over the world.

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