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Found treasure —Hill, Grace Livingston, 1865-1947.

A sixteen-year-old tries to shed her tomboy image.

Rainbow cottage —Hill, Grace Livingston, 1865-1947.
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Sheila has a charming house by the ocean, the protection of a loving grandmother and the friendship of a handsome man. It is so easy to forget the horrors of the past, but terror is about to close in on Sheila again.

GI brides —Hill, Grace Livingston, 1865-1947, author.

World War II history shines through the pen of a beloved author who lived during it. Grace Livingston Hill introduces readers to three couples who are struggling to find hope in their circumstances. But letters from the ...

Crimson mountain —Hill, Grace Livingston, 1865-1947.
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No longer heir to her fathers fortune, Laurel Sheridan returns to her hometown of Carrollton to earn her living. But a wrong turn soon brings her to a life-threatening tight spot. Phil Pilgrim, a soldier, rescues Laurel ...

Miranda —Hill, Grace Livingston, 1865-1947.
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Five separate times Miranda Griscom has rejected wealthy Mr. Whitney's proposal of marriage, content in her role as housekeeper and nanny for the Spaffords. The community thinks her daft to refuse such a man, but they do...

Ladybird —Hill, Grace Livingston, 1865-1947.

Fraley MacPherson knows what it means to fear. After both her parents die, she is left alone in their mountain cabin ... alone except for the band of outlaws that murdered her father and filled her mother's life with ter...

Duskin —Hill, Grace Livingston, 1865-1947.

Secretary Carol Berkley is a woman ahead of her time. When her boss has an accident, she volunteers to go on a business trip for him. It is her chance to prove her worth. . .and save the company from corruption. But as s...

The prodigal girl —Hill, Grace Livingston, 1865-1947.

"For teenager Betty Thornton, life becomes grim when her father uproots their family and moves them to a remote Vermont farm. To Chester Thornton, however, his choice represents the best way to tame his daughter's rebel...

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