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28 Results
Flare —George, K. (Kallie), 1983- author.

Meet Flare: a feisty little phoenix who never cries. Is he really too tough for tears? This easy to read second book in the Tiny Tales series provides comforting reassurance that it's ok to express emotion.

Goodnight, Anne : inspired by Anne of Green Gables —George, K. (Kallie), 1983- author.

Under the watchful eye of her adoptive mother Marilla, Anne has come to cherish life at Green Gables -- the dearest, loveliest spot in the world, and her true home. Every night before she goes to bed, she thinks of all t...

The colt of the clouds —George, K. (Kallie), 1983- author.

"Ever since Pippa lost the winged horse race of the ancient gods and was banned from the slopes of Mount Olympus, she and her beloved horse, Zephyr, have tried to adjust to living a normal life on the ground. But when Pi...

Witch in the city —George, K. (Kallie), 1983- author.

"Crimson Twill is a little witch, but you might not know it. She lives in the country and loves polka dots and puppies instead of pointy shoes and black dresses. She even wears a big bow on her hat-which is crimson, just...

Merry Christmas, Anne : inspired by Anne of Green Gables —George, K. (Kallie), 1983- author.

"It's Anne's first Christmas in Avonlea, and she is thankful for so many things. But most of all, she's thankful for her kindred spirits. She's also excited (and a little nervous) about reciting at tonight's Christmas co...

The lost gift : a Christmas story —author. George, K. (Kallie), 1983-

Four animal friends--Bird, Rabbit, Deer, and Squirrel--deliver a package for Santa on Christmas Eve.

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