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84 Results
Икона Ikona —Forsyth, Frederick, 1938-

An interim president sits powerless in Moscow as the nation is racked by famine, inflation, corruption, and crime, and an ex-CIA agent is sent in by a clandestine Western group to prevent the election of a sinister natio...

The dogs of war —Forsyth, Frederick, 1938-
Restricted EAudiobook (NNELS)

The discovery of a ten billion dollar mountain of platinum in the remote African republic of Zangaro causes Sir James Manson to hire an army of mercenaries whose task it is to topple the government and replace its dictat...

The Afghan —Forsyth, Frederick, 1938-
Restricted EAudiobook (NNELS)

Something big is about to happen--the intelligence community is certain of it. Exactly what will happen and where is open to wild speculation. To date, it has been impossible to infiltrate Al Qaeda, but now a daring new ...

The deceiver —Forsyth, Frederick, 1938-
Restricted EAudiobook (NNELS)

Sam McCready is "The Deceiver", one of Special Intelligence Service's most unorthodox and valued operatives. However, as the Cold War ends, Sam has become expendable and his past career is reviewed at a special hearing t...

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