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Star wars

Nineteen years after Anakin Skywalker is seduced by the dark side and transforms into the evil Darth Vader, his son Luke Skywalker is thrust into the struggle against the evil Empire. Follow as Luke and twin sister Leia,...


On July 1, 1981, L.A. police discovered a grisly quadruple homicide at 8762 Wonderland Avenue. The investigation uncovered two versions of the events leading up to the murders, both involving porn actor John Holmes. You'...

Postcards from the edge

Substance-addicted Hollywood actress Suzanne Yale is on the skids. After a spell at a detox centre her film company insists as a condition of continuing to employ her that she live with her mother Doris Mann, herself onc...

Shockaholic —Fisher, Carrie, author.

Presents a memoir about the actress' relationship with her father, singer Eddie Fisher, her electroconvulsive therapy, and her past encounters with such recently-deceased celebrities as Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor,...

The princess diarist —Fisher, Carrie, author.

In 1976, Carrie Fisher was a teenager filming a movie, with an all-consuming crush on her costar. And it just happened to become one of the most famous films of all time -- the first Star wars movie. When she recently di...


Comedy about Randy Bodek, a pizza delivery boy whose route takes him to the finest homes and some of the most beautiful women in Beverly Hills.

These old broads

Three aging divas and their agent all hate each other, but since they are all desperate for money they agree to reunite for a television special.

The women

Mary Haines has it all until she finds out that her husband is cheating on her. All hell breaks loose as Mary contemplates the fate of her marriage and her tight-knit circle of friends question their own friendships and ...

Wishful drinking

As she demonstrates in this uproarious and often poignant performance, Carrie Fisher is not just an accomplished actress, screenwriter and best selling author. She's the offspring of showbiz royalty, daughter of celebrat...

The women

Clothing designer Mary Haines lives in a beautiful country home with her wealthy financier husband and their 11-year-old daughter. Her best friend Sylvie Fowler is the editor at a prominent fashion magazine. The women di...

Star wars. The complete saga
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Luke Skywalker tries to save his sister Princess Leia from the evil Darth Vader.


Ruth is single, 35 and living with her father, so when she is mistaken for pregnant, she enjoys the attention from her family and friends, but soon realizes that untangling this lie from her life may lead to unwanted con...

The best awful : a novel —Fisher, Carrie.

While coping with a young daughter, gay ex-husband, and bipolar illness, Hollywood actress Suzanne Vale decides to take a walk on the wild side.

The man with one red shoe

Why does Richard Drew, eccentric violinist and American bachelor, step off a plane in Washington, D.C. wearing one red shoe? While Drew doesn't know why he's being shot at, mugged, chased and seduced, Maddy Drove spends...

Shockaholic —Fisher, Carrie.
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The electro-convulsive shock therapy she's been regularly undergoing is threatening to wipe out (what's left of) Fisher's memory. This might even be a brand-new addiction for her. But before she can truly commit herself ...

The princess diarist —Fisher, Carrie, author.
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From Princess Leia herself: another self-examination of unlikely life and times by the bestselling author of Postcards from the Edge and Wishful Drinking--ready to publish following the release of the latest Star Wars se...

The princess diarist —Fisher, Carrie, author.
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"Fisher's intimate and revealing recollection of what happened on one of the most famous film sets of all time--the first Star Wars movie--and what developed behind the scenes"-- Provided by publisher.

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