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99 Results
A cat adrift —Coffey, Maria, 1952-

The thin branch snaps and Teelo tumbles into the ocean below. He scrambles onto a log floating by, but soon realizes he is drifting out to sea.

A cat in a kayak —Coffey, Maria, 1952-

The kindly janitor Victor makes a habit of bringing unwanted pets to his quiet and peaceful home on Cloud Island. Teelo the cat is the first to arrive by kayak. Next, Victor arrives with Ruby the rooster and three hens. ...

Cappuccina goes to town —Smith, Mary Ann.

Cappucina the cow thought it would be fun to go to town and buy shoes, a hat and a dress, just like a real person.

How big is big? —Strauss, Stephen, 1943-

Poetry and facts offer a look at the relativity of measurement terms, such as big and small, fast and slow, deep and high.

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