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99 Results
One more pet —Fernandes, Eugenie, 1943-

When Emily goes out to play, she finds herself a house full of animal friends. Just how many pets can a kid collect?

The memory horse —Harrison, Troon.

When a village carousel requires painting and repairs a little girl and her grandfather paint a favorite horse specially to remind them of the little girl's lovely grandmother.

Rise and shine —Raffi.

An illustrated song celebrating the morning, the time to rise and shine and join the world.

One light, one sun —Raffi, author.

Two families discover that despite outward differences, they are really very much alike.

Daddies at work —Merriam, Eve, 1916-1992.

Portrays daddies in different jobs, including sailor daddies, tailor daddies, and lawyer daddies with egg salad sandwiches in their briefcases.

Mermaid in the bathtub —Peetoom, Laura.

Sam and Marina find a mermaid in their parents' fish shop and they try to hide her from the adults. Hala Aisha, their father's friend who is visiting from Turkey, knows what is really going on, though, and comes up with ...

A likkle Miss Lou : how Jamaican poet Louise Bennett Coverley found her voice —Hohn, Nadia L., author.

"'Miss Lou' is widely credited as having helped Jamaican Patois recognized as a "nation language." Thanks to her writing and her work in TV and radio, Jamaican Patois was embraced internationally and she created spaces f...

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