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The four musketeers

The musketeers still battle the forces of evil in the form of Cardinal Richelieu, even as the past comes back to haunt Athos in the form of Lady de Winter.

The three musketeers

The young D'Artagnan joins the three musketeers in Paris who then go off to England to save the honor of their Queen.

Twenty years after —Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870, author.

The Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas’s most famous and enduring novel, completed its serial publication in the summer of 1844, and by the time of its book publication at the end of that year readers were already demandi...

The three musketeers —Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870.

A young Gascon nobleman, d'Artagnan, sets off for Paris in hopes of joining the Musketeers. He proves himself fighting with them and earns a place in their ranks. With d'Artagnan the three preserve the honor of the king ...

The three musketeers —Ho, Oliver.

An abridged version of an adventure in seventeenth-century France, when young d'Artagnan initially quarrels with, then befriends, three musketeers and joins them in trying to outwit the enemies of the king and queen.

The Count of Monte Cristo —Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870.
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Edmond Dantes, a man on the threshold of a bright career and a happy marriage, is imprisoned in the island fortress of Chateau D'If in France on a false political charge. After staging a dramatic escape, he finds the fab...

The Count of Monte Cristo —Jones, Rob Lloyd.

Who is the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo and how did he acquire his magnificent wealth? This rip-roaring tale of revenge is packed with adventure - from a daring prison escape to a hunt for hidden treasure and a duel ...

The three musketeers : all for one, and one for all

Three loyal swordsmen and an eager recruit battle enormous odds in their attempt to defeat an evil royal advisor and a seductive envoy plotting to overthrow the King of France.

The three musketeers —Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870.

A young adventurer joins three musketeers, in the service of Louis XIII, and becomes involved in Cardinal Richelieu's plots to embarrass the royal family.

The three musketeers —Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870.

This swashbuckling epic of chivalry, honor, and derring-do, set in France during the 1620s, is richly populated with romantic heroes, unattainable heroines, kings, queens, cavaliers, and criminals in a whirl of adventure...

The three musketeers —Greene, Janice.

The young man has only one dream: join the brave company of the king's musketeers. Will he be clever and daring enough to make his dream come true? He rides into Paris on his old, broken-down horse. A world of adventure ...

The three musketeers —Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870.

Three great swordsmen, Porthos, Aramis, and Anthos, with their protege, D'Artagnan, match wits with the sinister Cardinal Richelieu who seeks to divide the royalty in his own quest for power.

The man in the iron mask

It is a time of both splendor and despair for the deeply divided French nation where the self-serving King Louis XIV enjoys the riches of the world while his people starve. Believing he is all-powerful, Louis fears no on...

The three musketeers

It is possible that Alexandre Dumas' classic swashbuckling novel The Three Musketeers has undergone more stage, film, and TV adaptations than any other literary property. Whether this is true or not, it is a matter of re...

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