26 Results
26 Results
International space station : a space mission —Cole, Michael D.

Discusses the need for the proposed international space station, its design, and purpose, based partly on experiences with space station Mir.

Living on Mars : mission to the Red Planet —Cole, Michael D.

Describes the landing of Sojourner on Mars, summarizes the history of information gathering missions, and speculates about future plans for explorations of the Red Planet.

Galileo spacecraft : mission to Jupiter —Cole, Michael D.

Discusses the travel of the Galileo spacecraft from its launch to its orbit around Jupiter, explaining the goals and accomplishments of the mission.

The sun : the center of the solar system —Cole, Michael D.

Describes the physical properties of the Sun and its relation to the other bodies in space and shows the direct influence the Sun has on life on Earth.

Moon base : first colony in space —Cole, Michael D.

Describes the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, explains the need for establishing a moon base, and speculates about future situations in which the base would be used.

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