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Holidays! : Celebration Days around the world —Chancellor, Deborah.

Describes special events from around the world with the history and traditions that make the holidays memorable, such as Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day.

Piranhas —Chancellor, Deborah.

"Advice for kids on how to choose and care for several common breeds of piranhas, including tank setup, feeding, and keeping piranhas healthy"--Provided by publisher.

Camping trip —Chancellor, Deborah.

With the help of the mother of one of them, two friends set up a tent so that they can camp in the back yard.

Traveling on land —Chancellor, Deborah.

Investigates different modes of transportation used around the world, including elephants, motorcycles, trucks, and subway trains, and concludes with a look at the future of ground transportation.

The Kingfisher first picture atlas : —Chancellor, Deborah.

aAn illustrated atlas with information on continents, countries, cities, animals, plants, industry, and places of interest. Includes a pull-out map of North and Central America and the Carribean, and a penguin shaped boo...

Fire rescue —Chancellor, Deborah.

"Introduces readers to eight different fire-fighting vehicles, such as fire engines, planes, and boats. Explains and diagrams how each is equipped to fight fires in different locations. Includes a reading quiz and web si...

Maps and mapping —Chancellor, Deborah.

Examines different types of maps and their uses, as well as the practice and history of map making, with projects to allow readers to practice making their own maps.

Don't waste your food —Chancellor, Deborah, author.

"Amara's dad says they shouldn't waste food. But why is this such a big problem? Follow their story and find out what happens to food waste, what can be composted, and how to reduce the amount of food we throw away"-- Pr...

Turn off the tap! —Chancellor, Deborah, author.

"Tia's mom is always telling her not to waste water. But why is this so important? Follow her story and find out why water is precious and what small steps we can all take to help save it."-- Provided by publisher.

Muddypaws and the birthday party —Chancellor, Deborah.

It's Ben's sixth birthday party today-- but his puppy Muddypaws doesn't know that.

The red flag : Josh learns how rules keep us safe —Chancellor, Deborah, author.

"This story explores the theme of rules and how they keep us safe. It includes teacher notes for exploring the wider theme of laws. The story follows Josh who decides to ignore the red warning flag at the beach and sets ...

Let's walk to school : a story about why it's important to walk more —Chancellor, Deborah, author.

"Tom and his mom usually drive to school, but they always get stuck in traffic. Follow his story and find out what happens when Tom walks to school, and why walking is so much better for our planet-and ourselves!"-- Prov...

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