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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. The final season, [season 5]. Disc 1

Gomer Pyle is a sweet but not too smart Marine from Mayberry, North Carolina who is stationed at Camp Henderson near Los Angeles. Gomer's innocence, naivete and low-key demeanor often gets him into trouble, most frequent...

George Washington

Over the course of one hot summer, a group of children in rural North Carolina are forced to confront a tangle of difficult choices as they discover what it takes to make a modern American hero.

The Prayer Box Carolina Heirlooms Series, Book 1. —Wingate, Lisa.

A young woman, an old woman, and the story of a lifetime... When Iola Anne Poole, an old-timer on Hatteras Island, passes away in her bed at ninety-one, the struggling young mother in her rental cottage, Tandi Jo Reese, ...

Magic of flight

Travel to the following places to see the history of flight in America: hot air balloons in New Mexico, Wright Brothers and Air Force Museum in Ohio, Kitty Hawk in North Carolina, Dover Air Show in Delaware, Cessna Airc...

May it last a portrait of the Avett Brothers
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A documentary film chronicling the life and times of the North Carolina band, The Avett Brothers, and their collaboration with producer Rick Rubin on the album "True Sadness".

Listening to children a moral journey with Robert Coles

Child psychiatrist Robert Coles investigates children's moral development via case studies of eight children and their families. In Part II, Coles leads a group discussion with parents and teachers in Raleigh, North Caro...

We are Marshall
Blu Ray
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The inspiring story of how a small town in West Virginia, steeped in the rich tradition of college football, struggled to cope with a devastating loss and restore their community after one of the worst disasters in the h...

The Andy Griffith show 50th anniversary, the best of Mayberry

Widower Andy Taylor divides his time between raising his young son Opie and his job as sheriff (and Justice of the Peace) of the sleepy North Carolina town, Mayberry. Andy and Opie live with Andy's Aunt Bee, who serves a...

The story keeper Carolina heirlooms series, book 2. —Wingate, Lisa.

Successful New York editor Jen Gibbs is at the top of her game with her new position at Vida House Publishing-until a mysterious manuscript from an old slush pile appears on her desk. Turning the pages, Jen finds herself...

Unsung : unheralded narratives of American slavery & abolition

"An new historical anthology from transatlantic slavery to the Reconstruction curated by the Schomburg Center, that makes the case for focusing on the histories of Black people as agents and architects of their own lives...

Crescendo Inola Walela & Steven Hawk Series, Book 3. —Ledford, Deborah J.

One dead woman. A missing child. The diabolic father who will do anything to get his son back. The female cop who risks everything to keep the boy safe. Crescendo-Redemption with a bullet As the only female Native Americ...

Wind How The Flow Of Air Has Shaped Life, Myth, And The Land. —DeBlieu, Jan.

Siroccos, Santa Anas, chinooks, monsoons ... the wind has as many names as moods. Few other forces have so universally shaped the lands and waters of the earth and the patterns of exploration, settlement, and civilizatio...

One Second After John Matherson Series, Book 1. —Forstchen, William R.

In a small North Carolina town, one man struggles to save his family after America loses a war that will send it back to the Dark Ages. Already cited on the floor of Congress and discussed in the corridors of the Pentago...

"On my way" : the untold story of Rouben Mamoulian, George Gershwin, and Porgy and Bess —Horowitz, Joseph, 1948-

"Bring my goat!" Porgy exclaims in the final scene of Gershwin's opera Porgy and Bess. Bess, whom he loves, has left for New York City, and he's determined to find her. When his request is met with astonishment--New York...

Heart Of Dixie —Hoag, Tami.

She was a blond goddess, a box office megastar. Every woman wanted to be her; every man wanted to bed her. But over a year ago Devon Stafford vanished without a trace. As a biographer, Jake Gannon had taught himself to f...

Lost Boys —Card, Orson Scott.

From the bestselling storyteller Orson Scott Card comes a gripping story of terror within a small town. Step Fletcher, his pregnant wife DeAnne, and their three children move to Steuben, North Carolina, with high hopes...

Online marketing success stories insider secrets from the experts who are making millions on the internet today —Richards, René V., 1965-

This new book by Atlantic Publishing Company entitled Online Marketing Success Stories Insider Secrets, from the Experts who are Making Millions on the Internet Today, will give you real life examples of how successful b...

The Sandburg Connection Sam Blackman Mystery Series, Book 3. —de Castrique, Mark.

It was only a simple, routine assignment for private investigator Sam Blackman and his partner, Nakayla Robertson: follow a history professor, who is suing a spinal surgeon for malpractice, and catch her in physical acti...

A Land More Kind Than Home —Cash, Wiley.

Deep in the heart of western North Carolina lies Marshall, a quiet mountain town where people believe in protecting their own-especially if they harbor secrets. For the town's modest folk, that's the way it's always been...

Mixed Signals Grace Street Mystery Series, Book 2. —Tesh, Jane.

It's Christmas in Parkland, North Carolina, and Private Investigator David Randall is looking forward to his mother's visit to 302 Grace Street, even though he knows she'll want to talk about his daughter, who died in a ...

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