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Oma's quilt —Bourgeois, Paulette.

Emily's grandmother is moving into the Forest View Retirement Home. Leaving her house and neighbours on Maple Street isn't easy after so many years.

Franklin's reading club —Jennings, Sharon.

When Franklin is lucky enough to get a copy of the new Dynaroo book, his friends are so excited, they won't let him read in peace, so Franklin comes up with a solution that pleases everybody.

Franklin's trading cards —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin must decide who to give his Super Cat trading card to when two friends want it for their collection.

Franklin's Pond Phantom —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin goes looking for the Pond Phantom that he has read about in a book, and eventually his friends join him.

Franklin's pumpkin —Jennings, Sharon.

Franklin is thrilled when he finds a giant pumpkin in his backyard, until he discovers that the competition at this year's fair is for the biggest zucchini.

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