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95 Results
A face in the crowd

A hobo becomes an overnight celebrity. But, as usual, more fame leads to more power, and more power leads to more corruption. Will he be exposed as the fraud that he is?

William A. Wellman's The high and the mighty

A commercial airliner develops engine trouble while flying over the Pacific Ocean. The pilot panics, so it is up to the washed-up co-pilot to get the plane down safely. .

Island in the sky

A transport plane crashes on Labrador's frozen tundra. The pilot must keep his crew alive while waiting to be rescued. Based on the novel by Ernest K. Gann.

Stand and deliver

Story of Jaime Escalante, a math teacher at East Los Angeles' Garfield High School, who pushes and inspires 18 inner-city Hispanic students who were struggling with math to become math whizzes.

Kisses for my president

Lightweight comedy about the trials and tribulation of the first lady President of the U.S.

Air Force

The Flying Fortress Mary-Ann and its crew leave San Francisco for Honolulu on a routine training flight the day before Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Subsequently, the crew mans the Mary-Ann through action at Wake...

A star is born Une étoile est née

As a band singer is discovered and guided to heights of show-business success by an alcoholic ex-matinee idol, she performs one superb song after another in a production that exhilarates with its craft and style even as ...

The jazz singer

A story of a Jewish cantor's son (Al Jolson) who aspires to be a jazz singer despite his father's objection and religious tradition. In motion picture history, this was the first feature film to utilize synchronous sound...

The mask

After the death of a disturbed patient, psychiatrist Dr. Allan Barnes (Paul Stevens) comes into possession of the ancient tribal mask that drove the young man to his doom. When Barnes puts on the mask, he is assailed wit...

Hollywood canteen

Two soldiers on sick leave spend three nights at the Hollywood Canteen before going back to active duty. Virtually everyone Warners Studios could spare entertains the troops.

10,000 BC
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A prehistoric young mammoth hunter embarks on a journey through uncharted territory to save not only his kidnapped bride but all of civilization from a band of brutal warlords.

Adventures of Don Juan

Don Juan de Marana damages Spanish prestige in diplomatic circles with his indiscreet womanizing, but he attempts to rehabilitate his image after he meets the beautiful Queen Margaret, trapped in a loveless arranged marr...

The jazz singer

A Jewish cantor's son breaks with his family to become a popular music singer.

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