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My life as a turkey

The moving story of a man who raises and bonds with a group of wild turkey hatchlings in Florida's flatwoods.

Animal misfits odd, bizarre and unlikely creatures

Alongside the fastest, strongest, smartest animals are nature's misfits, odd, bizarre and unlikely creatures that seem ill-equipped for survival. Somehow they manage to cling to life and in some cases even thrive. Reveal...

Monarchy. The complete series, disc 1

Tells the epic and bloody stories of Britain's kings and queens from the Saxon era (Alfred the Great) to the early 20th century (Victoria). Filmed on location in castles, churches, and battlegrounds.

Eero Saarinen the architect who saw the future

Explore the life of Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen, whose visionary buildings include St. Louis's Gateway Arch and the General Motors Technical Center in Michigan. Travel with his son as he showcases the archit...

Manor house

A fascinating look at the grand and grueling British class system of the early 1900s. Another adventure in placing contemporary people into the lifestyle of a previous historical era.

Animal homes

Animals build homes to provide a safe and stable place to raise a family. The three-part series investigates how animals build their amazing homes and the intriguing behaviors and social interactions that take place in a...

Eames the architect and the painter

The husband-and-wife team of Charles and Ray Eames is widely regarded as America's most important designers. Perhaps best remembered for their mid-century plywood and fiberglass furniture, the Eames Office also created a...

Robert Motherwell & the New York school storming the citadel

American artist Robert Motherwell (1915-1991) is profiled in the context of Modernism and reviews the past fifty years of his creative life. Discussed are the origins of Abstract Expressionism, its links with Surrealism,...

Animal odd couples

Enter stories of the most unlikely cross-species relationships imaginable: a chimp bottle-feeding tiger cub, a giant tortoise snuggling with a baby hippo, a black crow parenting a meerkat. Look at these remarkable relati...

Louisa May Alcott the woman behind Little women

Gives an account of author Louisa May Alcott's life through re-enactments and scholar interviews.

Broadway musicals a Jewish legacy

Narrated by Tony-and Academy Award-winner Joel Grey, this entertaining documentary mingles cultural history with illuminating perspectives on the origins and meanings of some of Broadway's most beloved songs, stories, an...

Shakespeare uncovered

Six episodes combine history, biography, iconic performances, new analysis, and the personal passion of their celebrated hosts (Ethan Hawke, Jeremy Irons, Derek Jacobi, Trevor Nunn, Joely Richardson, and David Tennant) t...

Jerome Robbins something to dance about

Examines the life of the controversial master of the Broadway musical and ballet choreographer Jerome Robbins. Features excerpts from Robbins' work, including never-before-seen rehearsal footage, and interviews with Mikh...

The secret life of the brain. Disc 1

This series explores the startling new map of the brain that has emerged from the past decade of neuroscience and shares a revelatory view of this most complicated organ, which now contradicts much of what we previously ...

Wild way of the vikings
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Travel from Norway to Newfoundland, just as the seafaring warriors did in 1,000 A.D., to get a glimpse of the Vikings' world in the Americas hundreds of years before Columbus.

Nature. Dogs that changed the world

Part 1, The rise of the dog, examines the relationship between dogs and humans, from their initial domestication to the present day. Part 2, Dogs by design, examines the many different breeds of dogs, and how modern tech...

Philip Roth unmasked

Explore the life of Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning novelist Philip Roth. He steadily earned his reputation as a man of letters, commanding ownership of the Jewish-American novel and making Newark New Jers...

Nature. Giraffes Africa's gentle giants

Conservationist Julian Fennessy, in collaboration with the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, embarks on a mission to transport twenty endangered giraffes to safety.

A state of mind

Following a strict routine, which involved several hours of daily workouts and gymnastic instruction, two young girls practice through exhaustion for the 2003 Mass Games, the world's largest choreographed performance. Th...

Joni Mitchell Woman of heart and mind ; Painting with words and music. —Mitchell, Joni, 1943-

Looks back at Joni Mitchell, from her own reminiscences and those of her friends and contemporaries. Includes bits of performances from all eras of her career.

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