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106 Results

Western about a stoic sheriff who comes into an unfamiliar town to bring in a bunch of cowboys who, on a drunken spree, accidentally kill an old man.

Baby boom

An over-achieving businesswoman's life is changed by the arrival of a twenty-two pound bundle named Elizabeth. She tries to juggle a high-pressure career and instant motherhood in this fast-paced comedy about a woman who...

Red dawn

When Soviet Communist paratroopers from descend on a high school football field in Colorado, a group of the school's students wages an all-out guerrilla war to save their town and their country.


A three-way friendship between two professional football players and the owner's daughter becomes compromised when two of them become romantically involved.

Ladybug ladybug

During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the normal routines of a rural elementary school are thrown into a panic when the alarm sirens go off, warning them of an imminent nuclear attack. Mrs. Andrews, the sixth grade teach...

The black stallion returns

In the Sahara, a young American boy must rescue his beloved horse from a desert chieftain.

The man in the iron mask

It is a time of both splendor and despair for the deeply divided French nation where the self-serving King Louis XIV enjoys the riches of the world while his people starve. Believing he is all-powerful, Louis fears no on...

High noon
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Just-married lawman Will Kane is about to retire as a small-town sheriff and begin a new life with his bride when he learns that gunslinger Frank Miller is due to arrive at high noon to settle an old score. Kane seeks as...

Raging bull

Jake La Motta is a boxer whose psychological and sexual complexities erupt into violence both in and out of the ring. His brother Joey falls prey to Jake's mounting paranoia and jealousy, while fifteen-year-old Vickie be...


After trading identities with a penniless water ski instructor, a millionaire matches his speedboat racing skills against his arch-rival to capture the heart of a no-nonsense girl determined to marry rich.

Kiss me deadly

A detective gives a ride to a half-naked girl, who is abruptly killed by thugs. Almost killed himself, the detective tries to solve the murder. Along the way, he is told to back off by the Feds, a bomb is placed in his c...

The French lieutenant's woman

John Fowles' original novel The French Lieutenant's Woman was distinguished by a literary technique that involved telling a story of Victorian sexual and social oppression within the bounds of a 1970s viewpoint. How does...


A professional thief is caught between Chicago organized crime families and corrupt police.

The general

Rejected by the Confederate army, and taken for a coward by his beloved, young Johnny Gray is given a chance to redeem himself when he wages a one-man war against Yankee spies who have stolen his locomotive.


A dark drama of three sisters: a writer, an actress, and one groping for identity. When their father decides to divorce their shattered mother and remarry a spunky middle-aged widow, the three young women struggle to com...

Red River
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"An embittered, tyrannical Texas rancher['s] tensions with his independent-minded adopted son ... reach epic proportions during a cattle drive to Missouri"--Container.

The ambassador's daughter

A handsome soldier in Paris, a beautiful woman and a bet provide the framework for this hit movie in which Joan Fisk, daughter of the American ambassador to France, is bored with entertaining the wives of visiting V.I.P....

More dead than alive
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"After serving 18 years, "Killer" Cain is released from prison, determined never to touch a gun again. But the only job he can get is with a traveling sideshow as the sharp-shooting main attraction. As Cain works to buil...

Frank Sinatra Suddenly ; Till the clouds roll by.

Suddenly: A gang of hired assassins plans to murder the President, during his stopover in a small, sleepy town called Suddenly. As the clouds roll by: Light bio-pic of American Broadway pioneer Jerome Kern, featuring ren...

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Based on the incredible true story of Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg and his ingenious assassination plot targeting Adolf Hitler, this engrossing thriller reenacts the daring operation to eliminate one of the most evil t...

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