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440 Results
The green team! —Clauss, Lauren, author.

Corn and Peg run the Earth Day race, but keep stopping to help nature. Can they still win the race?

The return of Thelma the unicorn —Blabey, Aaron, author, illustrator.

Told in rhyming text, Thelma is a pony who created a big splash when she dressed up and posed as a unicorn, but she returned to her best friend Otis the donkey when fame proved to be stressful; now her many fans want her...

Freya and Honey —Sykes, Julie, author.

While Freya works on the perfect birthday present for her unicorn, Honey, hoping it will help them bond, and helps prepare for a party someone is trying to ruin, Honey is feeling neglected.

Uni and the perfect present : an Amy Krouse Rosenthal book —Ransom, Candice F., 1952- author.

"Uni is generous, and plans to give Silkie a special present for his birthday"-- Provided by publisher.

Uni and the butterfly : an Amy Krouse Rosenthal book —Ransom, Candice F., 1952- author.

Uni cares for a chrysalis and wants to keep it as a pet, but when the butterfly emerges, she learns some animals are meant to be wild.

Fair and square —Burnell, Heather Ayris, author.

Yeti and Unicorn cannot always agree, whether it is about which shape is most pleasing, whose style of painting is best, or, more serious, how to divide up a pie--but the two friends always find a way past their differen...

Perfectly pegasus —Sima, Jessie, author, illustrator.

Nimbus, a lonely pegasus, searches for a fallen star to wish for a friend and meets a unicorn named Kelp along the way.

Ariana and Whisper —Sykes, Julie, author.

"When all the animals start to leave the Verdant Forest, Ariana and Whisper will need to gather all their courage and work together to help protect their friends and bring the animals home"-- Provided by publisher.

Nerdycorn —Root, Andrew, author.

"Meet Fern! She's a smart, creative unicorn who prefers building robots and coding software to jumping through shimmering rainbows and splashing in majestic waterfalls. Even though Fern is a good friend and always willin...

Sophie Johnson, unicorn expert —Hood, Morag (Illustrator), author.

Are you a unicorn expert? Then meet Sophie Johnson ... you have a lot in common! She's a self-confessed unicorn expert (among other things) and has dressed up her toys and pets with their own unique horns. Strange then, ...

You don't want a unicorn! —Dyckman, Ame, author.
Read-along Book
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"A child wishes for a unicorn without knowing how unruly they are as pets"-- Provided by publisher.

Tea for two —Mews, Melody, author.

Excited over meeting some pegasuses, Itty does not immediately notice that her best friend Luna Unicorn feels left out.

There's a unicorn in your book —Fletcher, Tom, 1985- author.

Unicorns love to sing, but this unicorn isn't singing because a worry gremlin has crept in! Help unicorn up by using your finger wand and listening to its worries in this interactive book with an important social-emotion...

Grumpycorn —McIntyre, Sarah, author, illustrator.

Unicorn wants to write the most fabulous story in the world. He has a fancy notebook. A special fluffy pen. He has everything just perfect. But Unicorn has NO IDEA what to write! When his friends try to join in, will Uni...

Heart of gold —Penney, Shannon, author.

Sparkle can't believe her puptastic luck! It's finally time for the Cutiecorns to learn how to use their special magic. And Sparkle's mom has given her a golden locket to mark the big day. But before the ceremony, the lo...

Unicorns are the worst —Willan, Alex, author, illustrator.

A grumpy goblin hates having unicorns as neighbors, but when dragons threaten his home and the unicorns come to the rescue, he has to admit that maybe unicorns are not so bad after all.

Isla and Buttercup —Sykes, Julie, author.

Isla and her unicorn, Buttercup, have not yet bonded so they cannot graduate with their friends, but everything could change after they use Buttercup's newly-discovered finding magic to locate the evil Ms. Willow.

Isabel and Cloud —Sykes, Julie, author.

Isabel is having trouble getting along with other students, her teacher, and even her unicorn, Cloud, but another threat to Unicorn Academy brings them back together.

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