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71 Results
Glacier National Park

Explores Glacier National Park in Montana and examines the transformations that are occurring there due to global warming and melting glaciers.

Sonic Christmas blast

After Santa Claus disappears, it is up to Sonic to save Christmas from the evil Dr. Robotnik; Sonic and his friends search for the parents of an abandoned baby; Robotnik tries to capture Sonic and his friends by distribu...

How the Grinch stole Christmas!
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Fed up with the cheerful inhabitants of Whoville, the Grinch and his dog Max steal everything from the village but in the process, he learns that Christmas is more than presents and decorations.

Great white odyssey
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Journey on a deep-sea expedition with world-renowned shark experts Michael Scholl and Ramon Bonfil as they tag a 12-foot great white shark. Experience her world up close through her eyes and senses, a world full of wonde...

Peanuts holiday collection
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On Halloween Snoopy becomes a World War I flying ace, while Charlie Brown and Linus await the Great Pumpkin; Charlie Brown is troubled when Peppermint Patty invites herself and several friends to his house for Thanksgivi...

Mr. Magoo's Christmas carol
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The hilariously nearsighted Mr. Magoo stars in a musical retelling of the Charles Dickens classic.

Bridges live Madison Square Garden —Groban, Josh, composer, performer.

Recorded live from the final US stop of his 2018 Bridges Tour at the famed Madison Square Garden, superstar singer Josh Groban is backed by a 20-member choir and a 15-piece orchestra for one special live experience.

Daniel O'Donnell live from Nashville. Volume one

Daniel O'Donnell: Live From Nashville is the culmination of a lifelong dream come true for Irish singer Daniel O'Donnell, whose deep appreciation for country music comes alive in this concert special. Recorded live at th...

Roast of Alec Baldwin : a star is burned

From his embarrassing career missteps to that infamous voice mail, everything in Alec Baldwin's past is fair game for razing as Roast Master Sean Hayes leads an all-star lineup of burn-slingers, including Robert De Niro,...

The first Christmas the story of the first Christmas snow

After Sister Theresa rescues an orphan shepherd boy from a lightning storm, she lovingly nurses him back to health. However, the boy suffered injuries during the storm and wakes up blind and discouraged in his new surrou...

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