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174 Results
Demon dentist —Walliams, David, 1971- author.

Darkness has come to the town. Strange things are happening in the dead of night. Children put a tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy, but in the morning they wake up to find a dead slug; a live spider; hundreds ...

Clifford's loose tooth —Lewison, Wendy Cheyette.

Clifford is anxious for his loose tooth to fall out because he is hoping for a treat from the Tooth Fairy.

I lost my tooth in Africa —Diakité, Penda.

While visiting her father's family in Mali, a young girl loses a tooth, places it under a calabash, and receives a hen and a rooster from the African Tooth Fairy.

You think it's easy being the tooth fairy? —Bell-Rehwoldt, Sheri.

The tooth fairy explains how she does her job.

Dear Tooth Fairy —Edwards, Pamela Duncan.

In a series of letters, six-year-old Claire and the Tooth Fairy discuss the important matter of her first loose tooth and when it is going to fall out.

Arthur tricks the tooth fairy —Brown, Marc Tolon.

Jealous when Arthur looses a tooth and receives a dollar for it, his sister tries to trick the Tooth Fairy into also visiting her.

The boy who hated toothbrushes —Hicks, Zehra.

Billy hates toothbrushes. He never cleans his teeth - not when there's so much else to do. But Billy's never seen a Funtastic Toothsparkler before. There are so many cool things he can do with it! But the big question is...

Moose's loose tooth —Clarke, Jacqueline A.

Moose has a wibbly, wobbly tooth for the Tooth Fairy. But that tough tooth won't fall out! So Moose and his pals decide to give it a really big pull!

My wobbly tooth must not ever never fall out —Child, Lauren.

Lola does not ever never want her wobbly tooth to fall out until she learns that the Tooth Fairy will leave money in place of a lost tooth.

Mrs. Watson wants your teeth —McGhee, Alison, 1960-

A first grader is frightened on her first day of school after hearing a rumor that her teacher is a 300-year-old alien with a purple tongue who steals baby teeth from her students.

I lost my tooth! —Wilhelm, Hans, 1945-

When Puppy's tooth comes out and he loses it, he figures out a way to get treats from the Tooth Fairy anyway.

A tooth story —McNamara, Margaret.

Jaime longs to have at least one tooth missing in his first grade class picture, just like his friends, and when picture day arrives an unexpected event gives Jaime his wish.

Young Cam Jansen and the lost tooth —Adler, David A.

Cam uses her photographic memory to help a classmate find the tooth she lost at school.

No biting, Louise —Palatini, Margie.

At the urging of her family, Louise, a young alligator, tries hard to kick her biting habit.

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