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191 Results
Ghost town —Bryant, Annie.

The Beacon Street girls go on vacation to Montana, but during a snowstorm they find themselves stranded in a ghost town

Dust storm! —Johnson, Terry Lynn, author.

Separated from their group during a sixth-graders geocaching trip, Jen Chiu and her mortal enemy, Martin Diaz, are caught in a dust storm in the desert near Las Cruces, New Mexico. Includes survival tips.

Storm clouds —Snelling, Lauraine.

Preoccupied with her mother's approaching marriage, fourteen-year-old DJ is visiting her biological father's ranch when a fierce storm prompts her to call upon God for help and strength.

Boom boom boom —Swenson, Jamie A.

On a stormy night, a child snuggles into bed with a book and a teddy bear but is soon joined by one dog, one cat, and more until the child, and the bed, reach their limit.

Wild Rose's weaving —Churchill, Ginger M.

While her grandmother weaves a beautiful rug, Rose plays in a storm, and both find joy in the beauty that surrounds them.

Big bad blizzard —Herman, Gail, 1959-

The Mystery, Inc. gang is going skiing, but when Scooby and Shaggy sneak off to look for food, they get caught in a blizzard! Then, YIKES! Snow Monsters start chasing them. It's a scary snow-storm mystery for Scooby and ...

Mama Rex & T turn off the TV —Vail, Rachel.

On a stormy Saturday, T and Mama Rex stare at the television until the electricity goes off and they must find something else to do.

Samantha saves the day : a summer story —Tripp, Valerie, 1951-

While spending the summer at Grandmary's summer home on Goose Lake, Samantha and her twin cousins decide to visit the island where Samantha's parents were drowned during a storm.

Rhino who swallowed a storm —Burton, LeVar, author.

It's a tactic Mica Mouse's father uses, too. He tells Mica the story of a brave little rhino who discovers that, with the help of friends and family, compassion and love, he can get through anything.

The snow lambs —Gliori, Debi.

Because she is on a rescue mission, Bess, the sheep dog, fails to respond when Sam's dad calls her to return home as a winter storm approaches.

Bravo, brave beavers! —Kuiper, Nannie.

Mother and Father Beaver enjoy watching their children, Ben and Becky, play in the water but when a storm arises, the family must work together to save their lodge.

Henry and Mudge and the wild wind : the twelfth book of their adventures —Rylant, Cynthia.

Henry and his big dog Mudge try to keep busy inside the house during a thunderstorm.

Pooh and the storm that sparkled —Gaines, Isabel.

When Pooh and Piglet hear loud noises and see colored lightning in the sky, they run to warn their friends of a coming storm.

Two wool gloves —Jin, Bo (Children's fiction writer), author.

A snowstorm is brewing. Father squirrel must find a place for his family to stay warm, but another animal is hiding out in every place he finds. Then he discovers the perfect place-a glove that someone has lost. As the f...

The little lost Robin —Baguley, Elizabeth.

When a howling winter storm uproots the tree that Robin lives in, best friend Hare comes to the rescue.

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