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80 Results
Did you mean? Schultz, Carl
Month by month a year goes round —Shields, Carol Diggory.

The months and seasons of the year offer fun times for everyone.

Unless —Shields, Carol.
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Reta Winters has a happy and stable family until, unexpectedly, her eldest daughter runs away and ends up mute and begging on a Toronto street with a sign reading "Goodness" around her neck. Rita's task is to solve the m...

Science, fresh squeezed ! : 41 thirst-for-knowledge-quenching poems —Shields, Carol Diggory.

A collection of poems on such scientific topics as fossils, clones, the periodic table, inertia, and more.

Patterns —Shields, Carol Diggory.

Rhyming text describes characteristics of various animals whose identities are revealed by lifting movable flaps.

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