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Did you mean? Schultz, Carl
Day by day a week goes round —Shields, Carol Diggory.

Describes the particular activities which people typically carry out during each day of the week.

Great stories from the prairies
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Prairie writing forms a literary landscape as abundant as the ranchlands, farm fields, forests and cityscapes it portrays. Includes stories by Sandra Birdsell, Bonnie Burnard, Sharon Butala, F.P. Grove, Margaret Laurence...

Lucky pennies and hot chocolate —Shields, Carol Diggory.

A grandfather and his grandson enjoy sharing knock-knock jokes, playing games, hot chocolate, watching movies, reading books, playing baseball and just spending time together.

Martian rock —Shields, Carol Diggory.

A group of Martians looking for life on the different planets in the solar system make a surprising discovery just as they are about to give up.

The collected stories —Shields, Carol.

Three short story collections originally published as Various miracles, The orange fish, and Dressing up for the carnival. Includes Segue, her last, previously unpublished story.

Lunch money and other poems about school —Shields, Carol Diggory.

A collection of twenty-three humorous poems about school including such titles as "Math my Way," "Clockwatching," and "School Daze Rap."

Unless —Shields, Carol.
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Middle-aged romance writer Reta Winters tries to understand her eldest daughter's sudden decision to drop out of university and become a panhandler in downtown Toronto. What would lead Norah -- always so eager to please ...

I am really a princess —Shields, Carol Diggory.

A child imagines herself a princess and contrasts her everyday life with the one she could have in a castle with infinitely permissive parents.

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