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The evertree —Lu, Marie, 1984- author.
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After journeying across Erdas together, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have one chance to stop an ancient enemy desperate to break free from his prison, or the world will be forever changed.

The magic school bus goes to seed

When Phoebe's garden plot is bare Ms. Frizzle's class shrinks to the size of a ladybug to fly off and find a plant to grow in Phoebe's garden.

50th anniversary DVD collection

A picture for Harold's room. Harold wants a picture for his room, so he draws one. The theme of perspective is imaginatively expressed throughout the film, as Harold draws himself in and out of a succession of size relat...

Captain Underpants and the invasion of the incredibly naughty cafeteria ladies from outer space (and the subsequent assault of the equally evil lunchroom zombie nerds) —Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author.
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Only Captain Underpants can stop the three evil space aliens who have invaded Jerome Horwitz Elementary School and turned everyone into lunchroom zombie nerds.

Lmnopeas-- and more fun with letters

Get ready to roll through the alphabet with a jaunty cast of busy little peas. Featuring a range of zippy characters from Acrobat Peas to Zoologist Peas, LMNOPeas, Alligators All Around, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and Read...

A big and little friendship —Feldman, Thea.

Help your child learn to read with Mickey Mouse and his friends! Sight words are some of the most frequently used words in the English language. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sight Words contains more than 40 pre-primer-level w...

Caldecott collection. Vol. I

Owl moon: Trekking through the snowy woods in search of the Great Horned Owl, a father and his young daughter share a special closeness to nature. Mirette on the high wire: Mirette learns tightrope walking from Monsieur...

Clifford the big red dog. Doggie detectives

More adventures from Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Fly Guy presents : the White House —Arnold, Tedd, author.

Fly Guy and Buzz learn all about where the President lives.

Olivia's great idea : story, activities, miniset.

"Meet Olivia, Emma, Stephanie, Mia, and Andrea. They're five best friends living in beautiful Heartlake City! It's the day of the Talent Festival, and the girls can't wait to join in the fun. But when they need a special...

Immortal guardians —Schrefer, Eliot, 1978- author.
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When an ancient dark force emerges from a centuries-long slumber, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan must stop it from sweeping through Erdas and destroying their spirit animals--and the world.

Bakugan battle planet : the official character guide.

Outlines the rules to both core and pro versions of the game and offers backstories to both brand-new and classic Bakugan characters.

Pokémon DP. Battle dimension : the Pokémon sneak.

A scarf monster is on the loose in Sinnoh, and Ash's friend Angie believes it might be a Pokémon in disguise.

Goosebumps. One day at Horrorland, Go eat worms

Hungry for a taste of terror? Dig in with these three scary helpings from the popular Goosebumps series.

The magic school bus in a pickle

The class discovers that even the tiniest living things can have big effects as they visit the mini-world of microbes.

The magic school bus. The complete series. Disc 6

Sparks of discovery fly with this 8-DVD set containing all 52 episodes of the Emmy Award winning animated science-adventure series.

Science : a LEGO adventure in the real world.

LEGO figures present information on such science topics as electricity, energy, weather, technology, and outer space.

The burning tide —Auxier, Jonathan, author.
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Working in separate worlds to stop the awakening Wyrm, Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan find support in a strange group of allies but will have to work quickly to locate an ancient trap that could bring about the end of ...

The duckling gets a cookie!?

Pigeon is very angry when the duckling gets a cookie just by asking politely.

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