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Half-blood blues a novel —Edugyan, Esi.
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From the smoky bars of pre-war Berlin to the salons of Paris, Sid leads the listener through a fascinating, little-known world as he describes the friendships, love affairs and treacheries that led to Falk's incarceratio...

Breathing through the wound —Árbol, Víctor del, author.

"Eduardo Quintana is a broken man. The tragedy that cost him the lives of his family is a wound he daily tears open afresh. The once-renowned painter wallows in grief, subsisting on alcohol and drugs, eking out a living ...

Bury your horses —Dowhal, Dan, 1954- author.

A disgraced pro hockey goon crashes his motorcycle in the Chihuahuan Desert and finds his life entangled with the inhabitants of a local ranch.

The earl's irresistible challenge —Temple, Lara, author.
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When Lucas, Lord Sinclair, receives a mysterious summons from a Miss Olivia Silverdale, he's sceptical about helping her. But Olivia, although eccentric, is in earnest about her quest to restore her late godfather's repu...

Return to me —Hatcher, Robin Lee.
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Roxy Burke left her family vowing to become a country-western star. Now shes home--dreams shattered, her life a mess. What no one could have predicted is the effect the return of this prodigal has on her family. Its not ...

The Garden of eden —Butala, Sharon, 1940-
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Jolted out of her complacency by death, grief over lost love, and guilt over her aging mother, Iris leaves her Saskatchewan farm to find her niece Lannie. She hopes that Lannie, who is now in famine-stricken Ethiopia, wi...

Afraid of the light —Ruchti, Cynthia, author.

"She helps others manage their desperate lives--but who will help her? Clinical psychologist Camille Brooks isn't put off by the lifestyle of her hoarding clients. After all, she lost her mother to the crippling anxiety ...

Beloved —Hatcher, Robin Lee.

With her husband Tyson missing for eight years, Diana Brennan seeks to declare him legally dead in order to remarry, but when Tyson returns as a supposedly changed man, Diana must decide if he has really changed for the ...

How fires end : a novel —Rafalà, Marco, author.

A dark secret born out of World War II lies at the heart of an Italian-American family in this emotional and sweeping saga of guilt, revenge, and, ultimately, redemption-- Provided by publisher.

Under the moon —Kerbel, Deborah.

Fifteen-year-old Lily MacArthur has trouble sleeping since the death of her aunt. As the days turn into weeks, Lily becomes convinced that death-by-exhaustion is around the corner and searches the moonlit nights for a wa...

It's a crime : a novel —Carey, Jacqueline.

With her perfect life in ruins after her husband, Frank, is arrested for accounting fraud, landscape designer and mystery novel enthusiast Pat Foy joins forces with two old friends, both mystery novelists, to help her ma...

The Darren effect : a novel —Creelman, Elizabeth, 1957-

"An affair. A marriage. Accidental encounters. A secret spying mission masquerading as research. This is the rich ground from which The Darren Effect springs, carrying readers through the complexities, tragedies, and una...

The Christmas list —Evans, Richard Paul.
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The New York Times "bestselling author of The Christmas Box" returns with a holiday novel of hope, love, and redemption as a husband is given the opportunity to confront his own legacy.

Finally a bride —McDonough, Vickie.

"Jacqueline 'Jack' Davis is a reporter for the Lookout Ledger bent on discovering the truth and nabbing her story at any cost. When Noah Jeffers comes to Lookout as a temporary pastor, Jack suspects there may be somethin...

Riven : a novel —Jenkins, Jerry B.

Brady Wayne Darby and Thomas Carey could hardly have been more disparate individuals. Yet when Darby, a no-account loser raised in a dingy suburban trailer park, encounters Carey, a weary man of God, an entire state--ind...

The ravine —Quarrington, Paul.

A man whose life is falling apart miserably decides to try to solve the mystery of what happened long, long ago, when he, his little brother, and a friend drove their bikes into the ravine.

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