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160 Results
Alvin's new friend —Forte, Lauren, author.

When the Chipmunks find a baby bird that's fallen from its nest, Alvin and the bird create an unlikely friendship.

A bit stumped —Sadar, Albin.

Hamster Holmes and his firefly sidekick, Dr. Watt, have a new case. r the first time, Hamster Holmes is stumped. It all began when an owl named Rufus Feathers started to design a new tile patio for his house, and the yel...

Jump shot —Sabino, David, 1969-

Game Day is a narrative nonfiction series for young sports-obsessed fans who, in addition to watching and playing sports, crave the kind of expert knowledge that only an insider would know.

A place for everything —Covey, Sean.

After failing to find his favorite sneakers in time for the big basketball game, Jumper the rabbit learns how to put his room in order by organizing his possessions.

Journey to Pluto —Brown, Jordan.

Jet and his friends are going on a journey all the way to Pluto! Come along and learn about the dwarf planet way out at the edge of our solar system.

Allura's story —Spinner, Cala.

Get to know Allura in her own words--from her days growing up on the Planet Altea as a princess to her life as a member of Team Voltron. What is it like to wake up after ten thousand years asleep, to an entirely differen...

The chicken house —Cronin, Doreen, author.

Sugar, Dirt, Sweetie, Poppy, and their mother, Moosh, live in a crowded chicken house until Sugar ventures out and finds a new home with a bathtub, a large bed, and even a massage table.

Snakes smell with their tongues! : and other amazing facts —Feldman, Thea, author.

Readers will love learning about what makes snakes "super," like how they can dive deep underwater, can only swallow their food whole, glide through the air, and more! Plus you can learn how snake venom is being used for...

Click, clack, surprise! —Cronin, Doreen.

Little Duck celebrates his first birthday with the other animals on the farm by copying their examples, from shearing off all his feathers to taking a mudbath, before enjoying Farmer Brown's yummy frosted maple cake.

Sunspot's night out —Brown, Jordan.

When Jet's pet Sunspot goes missing, Jet and his Earth friends use the North Star to navigate their way to find him.

Christmas is here! —Hastings, Ximena.

Celebrate the Christmas season with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang.

When Migo met Smallfoot —Gallo, Tina.

Migo's life is awesome. Living in the Yeti village that floats on a sea of clouds is stable and predictable. Everyone knows that beyond the clouds lies the Sea of Nothing. So how can Migo explain what happened when he fe...

Tigers can't purr! : and other amazing facts —Feldman, Thea.

"A nonfiction Level 2 Ready-to-Read filled with fun facts about what makes tigers super"-- Provided by publisher.

Space traveler Sally Brown —Hastings, Ximena, author.

Sally Brown is reading a book about Sally Ride, the first woman in space. There's only one thing to do: become an astronaut, too!

Sammy and the pecan pie —Covey, Sean.

Sammy Squirrel and his twin sister, Sophie, usually get along but lately it seems everything is going her way.

Afraid of the dark? —Sadar, Albin.

Hamster Holmes and his firefly sidekick, Dr. Watt, have a new case... they are staying in a hotel in town that might be haunted! Will Hamster Holmes get to the bottom of this mystery? Or will it keep him up at night? Fin...

Lance's story —Spinner, Cala.

Get to know Lance, in his own words--from his days growing up in Cuba, to his time as a pilot at Galaxy Garrison, to his adventures as a Paladin. How did Lance get to be known as "the Tailor" and what does it have to do ...

Time for school, Charlie Brown —Testa, Maggie, author.

Charlie Brown can't stop worrying about the new school year, and he enters the school's spelling bee in order to break out of his rut and do something extraordinary.

Mission to the moon! —Brown, Jordan, author.

When Sean tells Jet, Sydney, and Mindy about the Apollo 11 mission, the kids decide to do a real-life reenactment of the first landing on the moon.

Drac's in love! —Spinner, Cala.

Mavis books a monster cruise for the family to cheer up her dad. But she gets more than she bargained for when Drac falls in love with the ship's captain, Ericka. Is there a love connection brewing on the high seas? Mavi...

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