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67 Results
Did you mean? Blumen, Paula Bulman, Paul

A "ghost therapist" is hired to exorcise the ghosts in an old house so the owner can search for it's fabled treasure, but the ghosts have other ideas.

Torchwood, miracle day Disc 2

When convicted child killer Oswald Danes miraculously survives his own execution, the footage holds America transfixed. And then everyone realizes that nobody is dying. People keep aging--they get hurt and sick--but they...

Rio sex comedy

The sun-drenched splendor of Rio de Janeiro provides the backdrop to this sexy comedy of romantic entanglement. Among the tourists who find themselves footloose and under the sway of the city's erotic spell are a promine...

The Virginian

THE VIRGINIAN aimed to do right by the law -- and by his own code of honor...

You kill me

Frank Falenczyk loves his job. He is a hit-man for his Polish mob family in Buffalo, New York. But Frank has a drinking problem and when he messes up a critical assignment that puts the family business in peril, his uncl...

Home fires burning

Differences created by war, changing times, and other tragedies need to be reconciled when the son/father returns from World War II.

The guilty

High roller Callum Crane (Bill Pullman) is a lawyer at the top of his game. No one could beat him and no one said 'no' to him except Sophie (Gabrielle Anwar). But when he crosses the line, she wants justice. Now Crane hi...

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