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229 Results
Veep. The complete 1st season

Former Senator Selina Meyer was a charismatic leader and a rising star in her party with her eye on the White House: then she became Vice President. VEEP follows the whirlwind day-to day existence of Vice President Meyer...

Air Force One

An uncompromising U.S. President has just told the world he will not negotiate with terrorists. But when Russian terrorists hijack Air Force One, the world's most secure and extraordinary aircraft, the President is faced...

Pistolero —Bedford, Paul (Western fiction writer), author.
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Brett Dalton, a deadly pistolero, is hired to assassinate President Ulysses S. Grant as he embarks on a re-election campaign across the western states. The President will be travelling via the Union Pacific Railroad, and...

It can't happen here —Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951.

A cautionary tale about the rise of fascism in the United States first published in 1935. During the presidential election of 1936, Doremus Jessup, a newspaper editor, observes with dismay that many of the people he know...

Hyde Park on Hudson

As Great Britain faces an imminent war with Germany, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor, invited the King and Queen of England for a weekend at their home in upstate New York. But during the first-e...

Absolute power —Baldacci, David.
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A burglar in the bedroom of a mansion has his work interrupted by the arrival of the mistress of the house with the president of the U.S. The couple have a fight and she is killed. The burglar flees, taking along a blood...

Veep. The complete 2nd season

Former Senator Selina Meyer was a charismatic leader and a rising star in her party with her eye on the White House. Then she became vice president. Veep follows the whirlwind day-to day existence of Vice President Meyer...

Deep state : a thriller —Hauty, Chris, author.

"Recently elected President Richard Monroe-- populist, controversial, and divisive--is at the center of an increasingly polarized Washington, DC. Never has the partisan drama been so tense or the paranoia so rampant. In ...

Squeeze me —Hiaasen, Carl.
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"A prominent high-society matron--who happens to be a fierce supporter of the President and founding member of the POTUSSIES--has gone missing at a swank gala. When the wealthy dowager Kiki Pew Fitzsimmons is later found...

The first family —Palmer, Michael, 1942-2013, author.
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The White House is not an easy place to grow up, so when the president's son Cam Hilliard, a sixteen-year-old chess champion, experiences extreme fatigue, moodiness, and an uncharacteristic violent outburst, doctors are ...

The president's shadow —Meltzer, Brad, author.
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"Beecher White makes an alarming discovery on the White House grounds: there is a severed arm buried in the Rose Garden. As he investigates, he realizes it's a message one that may have dire repercussions for the Preside...

The president is missing : a novel —Clinton, Bill, 1946- author.
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The White House is the home of the President of the United States, the most guarded, monitored, closely watched person in the world. So how could a US President vanish without a trace? And why would he choose to do so?

Eighteen acres : a novel —Wallace, Nicolle.

Eighteen Acres, a description used by political insiders when referring to the White House complex, follows the first female President of the United States, Charlotte Kramer, and her staff as they take on dangerous threa...

My gal Sunday —Clark, Mary Higgins.

Henry Parker Britland IV is wealthy, worldly and still youthful-and enjoying an early retirement. From a long-unsolved case reconstructed aboard the presidential yacht to a kidnapping that brings Henry frantically back...

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