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103 Results
Death sentence

Halfway through a murder trial, a juror realizes that the suspect is the wrong man. She suspects the real murderer may be her own husband.

America's greatest westerns. Volume 1, Disc 8

Vol. one of America's greatest westerns covers feel-good musicals to traditional bad-boy shootouts all in the dusty streets and rowdy saloons we've come to love. Features cowboy legends Randolph Scott, Gene Autry, Lee Va...

Red Skelton America's favorite funnyman.

Shows some of Red Skelton's best loved and remembered television episodes.

Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy's Dilemma: The Claw, a ruthless criminal with a steel hook in place of a hand, has just killed a man during a fur heist gone bad. Tracy's not going to let him get away.

Red Skelton : America's favorite funnyman

Five episodes of the long-running Red Skelton Show.

Sons of Trinity

The sons of a pair of infamous cowboys get into the same kind of trouble their fathers did.

The limping man

The limping man: An ex G.I. returns to England to look up a wartime girlfriend and rekindle their romance. He soon realizes his ex-girlfriend has become involved with racketeers but before he can untangle her mess, he he...

Keep Christmas with you —Rogers, Kenny.

Kenny Rogers invited five children from across the country to participate in this Christmas show.

Pot 'o gold ; Made for each other

Made for each other: Newlyweds in Hollywood's Golden Age must overcome poverty, career pressures, and illness. The power of their love sees them through.

Annie Oakley. Volume 4

Born in the mid-1800s to a farming family, the real Phoebe Ann Oakley Mozee - known later as Annie Oakley - first began hunting game at age nine to provide food for her family. By sixteen Annie was a dead shot, and she ...

War classics [Disc B]

Four war-time adventure films.

Tarzan [3 feature films].

Tarzan and the green goddess: Tarzan searches for a missing friend, which leads him to the Temple of the lost goddess, a place filled with priceless gems and guarded by ruthless monster men. Tarzan and the trappers: Tarz...

In the presence of mine enemies

Set in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943, this is the story of a rabbi trying to hold his family together in a world that's falling apart.

Sally Hemings an American scandal

Tells the extraordinary, controversial story of the 38-year romance between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Heming.

Family enforcer

A neighborhood kid goes to work for the Mafia as a debt collector. Unfortunately, his hothead manners make him many enemies, especially within the gang.

The adventures of Skippy. Episodes 27-39

Join Skippy, the lovable kangaroo, on his adventures in the "land down under". He teams up with his friends to foil the likes of animal smugglers, repellant rustlers, and even runaway convicts. Included here are episodes...

Is there life out there?

Lily Marshall's life changes radically when she returns to college to get the degree she has always wanted. A new social life on campus, schoolwork keeping her up late, a part-time job, all require Lily's strength, love...

War classics [Disc A]

Three war-time adventure films, followed by a one-hour episode of the television series "Combat!", which chronicles a front-line American infantry unit as it engages in battle after battle all cross Europe.

The amazing story of the Last Supper

Finally the whole family can relive history with this beautiful re-enactment of the Last Supper of Christ and His Disciples. Everyone can discover the true significance of each food that was eaten during Christ's last me...

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