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98 Results
Picoverse —Metzger, Robert A.

A cutting-edge nuclear fusion reactor has the potential for creating a picoverse -- a miniature copy of the universe -- but the creation of one picoverse starts a chain of events that whirls the characters through multip...

Quantum web —Grace, Tom.

Former Navy SEAL Nolan Kilkenny takes on a vicious Russian oligarch, Victor Orlov, who will do anything to seize control of a state-of-the-art source of energy developed by experimental physicist Ted Sandstrom.

The Swiss courier —Goyer, Tricia.
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It is August 1944 and the Gestapo is mercilessly rounding up suspected enemies of the Third Reich. When Joseph Engel, a German physicist working on the atomic bomb, finds that he is actually a Jew, adopted by Christian p...

Trinity : a novel —Hall, Louisa, 1982- author.

"From the acclaimed author of Speak comes a kaleidoscopic novel about Robert Oppenheimer--father of the atomic bomb--as told by seven fictional characters. J. Robert Oppenheimer was a brilliant scientist, a champion of l...

روىاهاى انىشتن Ruyāʹhāyī Anīshtan —Lightman, Alan P., 1948-

A fictional work in which a twenty-six-year-old Albert Einstein, working in a patent office in Switzerland, imagines possible worlds in which time works differently, as he formulates his theory of relativity.

Interference —Parks, Brad, 1974- author.
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When her husband, a quantum physicist, goes missing in the midst of a strange, violent seizure, Brigid Bronik discovers that his research had gained unwanted attention and wonders if the very same physics that endangered...

Ball lightning —Liu, Cixin, author.
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When Chen's parents are killed by a blast of ball lightning, he devotes his life to studying it. The more he learns, the more he suspects ball lightning is an entirely new frontier in particle physics.

The world wrecker —Bounds, Sydney J.
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The strange reports came from all over the world. Reports of a bearded man who could walk through solid walls. Business conferences found a stranger listening to their secret plans; military documents and gold reserves d...

Quantum —Grace, Tom, author.

A classy, stylish thriller. -- Booklist The discovery of a blueprint for Quantum technology written by a murdered scientist has propelled the world to the brink of all-out-war, with the United States and Russia locked in...

A Midsummer's Equation : A Detective Galileo Novel —Higashino, Keigo, 1958- author.

"Manabu Yukawa, the physicist known as "Detective Galileo," has traveled to Hari Cove, a once-popular summer resort town that has fallen on hard times. He is there to speak at a conference on a planned underwater mining ...

Lost and wanted —Freudenberger, Nell, author.

"Told from the perspective of a female physicist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a story that explores the nature of friendship, romantic love, and motherhood"-- Provided by publisher.

The gate of angels —Fitzgerald, Penelope.
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Fred Fairly, a serious young physics don at Cambridge, falls in love with Daisy, a nurse. Dilemmas arise: tradition versus modernity; passion versus reason; selflessness versus self-preservation. Includes strong language...

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