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309 Results
Robert B. Parker's lullaby : a Spenser novel —Atkins, Ace.

"Spenser takes up a seemingly open and closed cold case at the behest of a street-wise 16 year old girl, who believes her mother's murderers went free. As Spenser digs deeper into the mystery, he finds a much more danger...

Stranger in paradise —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

Ten years after staging a murder-kidnapping and escaping with a boatload of cash, hit man Wilson "Crow" Cromartie turns up in Jesse Stone's office - and asks Stone to help him with his current mission.

Robert B. Parker's Kickback —Atkins, Ace, author.
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What started out as a joke landed seventeen-year-old Dillon Yates in a lockdown juvenile facility in Boston Harbor. When he set up a prank Twitter account for his vice principal, he never dreamed he could be brought up o...

Jesse Stone. No remorse

Jesse starts moonlighting for one of his friends after he is suspended. He investigates a series of murders in Boston that he believes are all connected to a notorious mob boss.

Resolution —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

In the new mining town of Resolution, gunslinger Everett Hitch takes a job at the Blackfoot Saloon keeping the peace and protecting the ladies who work the backrooms. But, thanks to a greedy mine owner, there's trouble b...

Sea change —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

Paradise, Massachusetts, police chief Jesse Stone investigates the murder of an attractive, recently divorced heiress from Florida whose mangled body washes up on the town's shore.

Rough weather —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

Parker once again proves he is a force of nature in this mystery where a hurricane hinders a kidnapping and Spenser goes on a search for the man responsible--the infamous Gray Man, who has both helped and hunted Spenser ...

Robert B. Parker's the Hangman's sonnet —Coleman, Reed Farrel, 1956- author.

"The stellar new novel in Robert B. Parker's New York Times bestselling series featuring Paradise police chief Jesse Stone. Jesse Stone, still reeling from the murder of his fiancee by crazed assassin Mr. Peepers, must k...

Blue-eyed devil —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

When Appaloosa police chief Amos Callico begins shaking down local merchants for protection money, those who don't want to play along seek the help of Cole and Hitch.

Jesse Stone. Benefit of the doubt

Jesse finds himself struggling to get his job back as the Paradise police chief, and he is forced to rely on his cop intuition to sort through a maze of misleading clues and hidden meaning as he attempts to solve a shock...

Blue screen —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

When Sunny Randall is hired to protect Erin Flint, a rising movie star, she soon finds herself investigating the murder of Erin's sister.

Robert B. Parker's Payback —Lupica, Mike, author.
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"PI Sunny Randall has often relied on the help of her best friend Spike in times of need. When Spike's restaurant is taken over under a predatory loan agreement, Sunny has a chance to return the favor. She begins digging...

Robert B. Parker's Old black magic —Atkins, Ace, author.
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The heist was legendary, still talked about twenty years after the priceless paintings disappeared from one of Boston's premier art museums. Most thought the art was lost forever, buried deep, sold off overseas, or, wors...

Cold service —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

Spenser and Hawk confront the Ukrainian mob after Hawk is injured by them while protecting bookie Luther Gillespie.

Jesse Stone. Innocents lost

While still dealing with drinking and family issues, Jesse Stone is reinstated as chief of police and must investigate a series of murders.

High profile —Parker, Robert B., 1932-2010.

When the body of controversial talk-show host Walton Weeks is discovered hanging from a tree on the outskirts of Paradise, police chief Jesse Stone finds himself at the center of a highly public case, forcing him to deal...

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